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Wondrous Expeditions - Forests

Wondrous Expeditions - Forests

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Cherish your roleplaying moments with friends. Roll with conviction and care for one another.

Roleplaying wilderness travels can be challenging for us GMs. The Wondrous Expeditions Forest book makes roleplaying wilderness travel exciting, engaging, and challenging. Descriptive, system-neutral content helps bring the environment to life in great detail and atmosphere. Tap into a wealth of world-building tools, new forest types, travel and survival gameplay, unique flora, fauna, new monsters, and more to launch your players on their next wondrous expedition.

  • Ready-made content to help describe scenes in great detail, such as sights, sounds, smells, landmarks, flora & fauna, and terrain features.
  • Roleplaying concepts to help make the wilderness expedition a meaningful adventure, from preparation, outset, travel to arrival. 
  • Challenge your players using the environment, such as forest terrain hazards, boons, weather conditions, and landmarks. 
  • Make the journey matter with refreshing encounter ideas, twists, and hooks that make time, navigation rules, foraging, and survival. 
  • 4 richly-detailed new forests biomes, complete with flora, fauna, new monsters, and quest hooks. 
  • 2 exciting scalable adventures that use forest locations and monsters from this book
  • Expedition System Appendix (optional travel rules) 
  • 5e monster stat block Appendix 
  • system neutral. for any fantasy roleplaying game

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