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Website Migration - Our New Website

Using Your "Old" Account

Recently we replaced our aging WordPress website with a brand-new store, powered by the Shopify e-commerce platform. The new website is the one you are looking at now.

  • "Old" Loresmyth accounts are not active on this new website, so trying to login using your credentials will not work unfortunately. 
  • Please register a new account to login to our new website. 

Our dev team worked hard to try and migrate all the old user accounts and order information to the new website, but this proved complex and error prone. After several weeks development time we unfortunately we had to give up. 

Creating a new Loresmyth account

Our new website allows making purchases as a guest. If you like however, you can register a new account. We suggest using the same email address you used for your past Loresmyth account. This way we can manually restore (some, not all) information to your new account. 

Restoring Digital Downloads to your account

If you like, we can try to manually restore digital purchases to your new Loresmyth account. For this to work, your new account needs to use the same email address as your "old" Loresmyth account. Please send an email to with your request. 

Past Order Data not migrated

We have not migrated past order data such as physical purchases into the new website. We can still see these in a backup of our previous website in case it is needed in specific cases.