About Us

Hail, fellow Loresmyth.

We create roleplaying products that spark the imagination.

What We Do

Loresmyth publishes unique and wondrous tabletop roleplaying products that supercharge the imagination and inspire great stories. Both new and experienced DMs will find endless inspiration in our world-building guides, modular map sets, story prompt decks, and adventure modules.

We create exciting, unique products, both in print and digital formats. Keeping your players engaged every week is not easy, but our beautiful, easy-to-use (and often system-neutral) products will surprise and delight players right out of the box, no matter what game you’re running.

Elevate your roleplaying sessions: Don't just roll to hit. Forge myths!

Our Story

Founded in 2016 by Chris Van Der Linden from the Netherlands, the Loresmyth is a small team that takes pride in attention to detail, innovative products, and customer satisfaction. 

Despite our humble origins, Loresmyth has fast become synonymous with quality and published several best-selling products, including Remarkable Inns, The Claws of Madness and Dungeon Discoveries card decks. We've done over 10 Kickstarters to date, raising over $750.000 in total.