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The Ultimate Ship Battle Map Set for Roleplaying

The Ultimate Ship Battle Map Set for Roleplaying


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Cherish your roleplaying moments with friends. Roll with conviction and care for one another.

Loresmyth brings you the most complete and HD detailed ship map pack ever - for roleplaying games. This set contains 33 high-quality battle map images for your VTT (Virtual Table Top) of every imaginable layer and variation of a historically accurate galleon, including top deck view, lower gun deck, sleeping quarters, cargo hold, side view with and without sails, night-time renders, damaged maps of the ship on fire, and over 70 tokens to decorate your own maps. There will likely never be a more complete and richly detailed ship map set ever for roleplaying. Set sail !

    • 33 HD ship map variations
    • Jpeg images in 3 resolutions 300dpi, 150dpi, 98dpi
    • Printable PDF files of the topdeck view with customizable layers (A3, A1 poster size)
    • Grid and Gridless versions of every map
    • Pre-decorated & empty variations (where possible) of every map
    • Cannons or Ballistas variations of each map
    • With Sails & without Sails variations of each map
    • Nighttime scenes (where possible) of every map
    • Over 70+ Tokens such as crates, barrels, sacks, sloops, rafts, and more.

Maps Included in this Set:

    1. Topdeck battlemap
    1. Lower deck battlemap (gundeck)
    1. Sleeping Quarters battlemap
    1. Cargo Hold battlemap
    1. Galleon Sideview battlemap
    1. Galleon Sideview battlemap
    1. Side views of the ship
    1. Seamless tiling Sea battlemap, Islands and Maelstrom

Special Expansions included:

    • Sea Monsters expansion (7 highly detailed sea monsters including a Sea Drake and Kraken)
    • Black Sails ship map variations with pirate-themed sails and flags (10 maps)
    • Battle Royale ship map versions with ship damaged and on fire (8 maps)
    • Captains Quarters map detailed close-up (1 map)

WARNING before you buy!

This map pack was created to the highest (historically) accurate standards as possible. At the high-resolution images you can literally see every nail in the deck planks and threads in the ropes. Because of this, the files are larger than your average roleplaying maps, both in pixels and MB's. For your reference, the original ship artwork at its true scale measured over 16.000 pixels wide in Photoshop. If you consider using these files for VTT, use the lower resolution images provided. To print your maps, please understand you will need several A3 prints or one A1 poster to fit the entire ship on it.

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