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Savage Dawn - Campaign Setting Starter Guide

Savage Dawn - Campaign Setting Starter Guide

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Cherish your roleplaying moments with friends. Roll with conviction and care for one another.

Savage Dawn is a free and system-neutral, prehistoric fantasy setting/regional expansion that is easy to adapt to any fantasy roleplaying game. Challenge and mystify your players with a primitive age in which survival is harsh, the wilderness mysterious and the stars hold special omens.

The content is written in a system-neutral fashion and is easily compatible with any TTRPG of choice. Take your favorite game system such as 5th edition Dungeons & Dragons, Pathfinder, Savage Worlds and start exploring the mystical and barbaric world of Savage Dawn.

    • Wilderness exploration and harsh survival in a primitive age
    • Discover new and uncharted lands beyond the snowy horizon
    • Mysticism and Spirituality. Constellations instead of Gods, Mysterious Omens, Star signs, Songs of Passage
    • Travel the mystical Ethervale: the ancestral spirit domain that becomes accessible at night
    • Harness the primal power of the Prysm: A magical force permeating this ancient world

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