I Had No Idea

I Had No Idea

I started Loresmyth around 2016. I wanted to see if I could create adventure modules in the style of the Sunless Citadel, The Forge of Fury, and other modules that I grew up with and have strong feelings for. After a lot of hard work (and many thoughts of quitting), I released The Claws of Madness on DriveThruRPG sometime later. People liked it and encouraged me to create more adventures.

During this time, I had a day job in the online gaming industry, and making D&D adventures was just something I did as a hobby. It made a little side income that was nice but not nearly enough to earn a living. And I didn't see it growing sufficiently over time to provide a living either.

Around this same time, I got to know Christopher Haskins from Nord Games in the USA, and we started chatting through Facebook. Chris loved my graphic design and the quality of the adventure modules and said, "you should consider doing this full-time". I voiced my reservations and could not see creating roleplaying products as a real potential new day job. Chris Haskins insisted, though and showed what he had built up with Nord Games with just a few years' headstart. He showed me what was possible and gave me the vote of confidence I was lacking...

We all know what happened next. I stuck to it, and within a few years, Loresmyth had made a name for itself, done then Kickstarter and raised over 1 million dollars in Kickstarter revenues. I'm forever thankful to Nord and Chris Haskins for encouraging me and showing a path forward.

Loresmyth Academy - For Creators

Fast forward to today. Loresmyth is taking a break, but that doesn't mean I'm sitting idle. I've launched Loresmyth Academy, a discord community and Patreon where I want to pass on all my knowledge to new creators looking to make a name in the industry. It doesn't matter if you are creating for a hobby or have ambitions as an indie company: Through Loresmyth Academy, you can tap into my hands-on experience of growing Loresmyth from a hobby into a flourishing business.


Who is Loresmyth Academy for?

A lot of you have ideas but are unsure if you can actually make them. Where does one start? Or perhaps you've already written some things and are thinking about Kickstarting, but you don't know how that works exactly. Maybe you have some products released and now you want to grow your startup to sustain your living. Everything from creativity, process, kickstarting, marketing and more are the topics we talk about daily at the Loresmyth Academy.

Join the Discord now

Honestly, there is nothing like Loresmyth Academy out there right now, where someone like me, with EXACT knowledge about creating roleplaying products AND growing a business, is passing on the knowledge through direct coaching. If you want to seize the moment, join our Discord now and consider becoming a Patreon. The Patreon offers some insane perks such as direct messaging with me and group video sessions, so make sure to have a look. 

Check out the Patreon


Have a great weekend, 


Chris van der Linden.  

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