Loresmyth Academy


Online workshops & community for roleplaying game creators

Loresmyth Academy is a growing community of fellow creators in the tabletop roleplaying game scene, where we share experiences, ideas and help each other grow. We welcome creators of all kinds, be it home-brew/hobby or indie or professional companies. We periodically host free and paid online workshops and coaching sessions that pack all of our experience and open it up to you. 


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Private Mentorships

In 2023 we are going to offer a select number of creators the opportunity to get a private mentorship to grow their Kickstarter and products to the next level. Due to the limited available seats, we can not service all creators and have to select based on our own terms. 

  • Private mentorship offers a one-to-one coaching calls to improve your business, production, kickstarter and marketing
  • We work closely together to determine your company needs and opportunities to grow and improve
  • The sessions are recorded and provided as replays for future reference
  • Up to 3 team/staff members can participate the live sessions at one time

Our fee is between 5% and 10% of your Kickstarter funding result. This way it is a no risk, no reward relationship, where we only share in the success if there is success. This allows smaller creators to also benefit from our coaching, without loosing big amounts of money if they don't raise much on Kickstarter. 

✉️ To apply please mail to academy@loresmyth.com