Loresmyth is taking a break

Loresmyth is taking a break

Hello dear fellow Loresmyths, 

After a marathon 6 years from the start, I have decided it is time for me to take a break from Loresmyth. This means we don't have plans to launch any new Kickstarter projects soon, and are taking some time to go on a sabbatical. Read on for the full story. 

Fantastic Achievements

Over the past years, Loresmyth has made a name for itself in the tabletop roleplaying game space, and I am very proud of that fact. I'd like to thank all our customers and Kickstarter backers for supporting what we do. In no small part, your dedicated support has helped build our brand of roleplaying products. 

Looking back, it is quite amazing some of the milestones we achieved: 

  • 10+ Kickstarters launched and funded in 5 years
  • Raised over 700.000 euro on Kickstarter
  • Over 15 roleplaying books/card decks produced and released
  • Sold and fulfilled to customers in over 70+ countries
  • Inspired and helped other creators get their break in the industry

Perhaps our most biggest breakthrough came in May 2017 when I kickstarted Remarkable Inns. I had very little experience at the time and was completely oblivious to the fact it would become such a phenomenon. This sparked our most successful book series to date; the Remarkable game master guides

Since, our Kickstarters kept growing bigger and bigger, with the most-funded project being Remarkable Cults & Their Followers with 193.000 euro raised. 

Covid and the War in Ukraine

The last couple of years have been very difficult for small upcoming companies, and it has been very taxing on my personal life, mental health and it made me realise I needed some time to rest and recharge.

Initially covid seemed to bring positives, with people at home spending online, which resulted in a momentary boost in sales. Soon came the downsides with massive price increases in raw materials (paper, cardboard) and shipping, warehousing and almost everything you can imagine.

Supply chains worldwide got disrupted and for the longest time it was impossible to predict when you could manufacture books, or at what cost. This turned planning Kickstarter projects and paying bills from something normal into a dreadful ordeal, where you were never sure what you were "getting yourself into". Suddenly I found myself 'gambling' with hundreds of thousands of dollars, where before I could accurately plan and forecast projects with relative ease. 

When Russia invaded Ukraine, this added even more strain to what was already a very disrupted market, and it only complicated things further. Since one of our key manufacturers is in Poland, things got really, really close to home for us. 

Taking a Break

All of the above resulted in some serious mental and financial pressure, which at times was very difficult. I made the difficult decision to stop Loresmyth for a period so I could recharge the batteries. I want to thank all my customers and Kickstarter backers once more for the hundreds of kind and heartwarming messages I've received! ❤️

Finishing Up & Clearing Out Existing Product Stock

Right now I am in the process of finishing up the "loose" ends, such as fulfilling our latest kickstarter project Remarkable Guilds & Their Wares. This book is arriving at our warehouses soon, upon which pledge fulfilment can start. 

I am also selling off existing product stock that is sitting in our international warehouses, to clear space and mark a new beginning. This means the coming months may be the last time ever that you can still purchase some of these products listed below. After that it is unsure we will reprint these items again: 

  • Remarkable Inns & Their Drinks (softcover, hardcover) 
  • Remarkable Shops & Their Wares (softcover, hardcover) 
  • Remarkable Cults & Their Followers (softcover, hardcover) 
  • Wondrous Expeditions Forests (softcover, hardcover) 
  • Wondrous Expeditions Forests, Pocket Guide (hardcover) 
  • Wondrous Expeditions Forests, Card Deck
  • Heroic Challenges starter box set
  • Heroic Challenges expansion card sets
  • Dungeon Discoveries card decks (all variants) 
  • The Claws of Madness adventure module
  • Whispers from the Void adventure module

Our webshop will remain active for now, so you can still buy our products if you like. 

Customer Support

If you have any questions, please mail to support@loresmyth.com to create a ticket we can track and respond to. Response times can take up to a week at this moment. We will have normal fast response times again when we are back fulltime.  You can also chat on Discord to get answers to common FAQ from our community. 

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Take whatever time you may need. Know that there are many who love your products and ideas. You and the company you started continue to amaze and inspire people & hobbyists all around.
For now it is a brave and wise decision that you take any time you need to get whole again. You are a person first, if at any time in the future you feel like you are ready to come back we will be here. Whatever path you follow, choose the one that fits you.
Again my thanks for all you have done and keep on doing even today. I look forward to whatever you may decide and hope to hear that you will be alright 👍


Get well. I feel you. Maybe consider to get professional help for the mental side.

Sigurd - Weltenbauer Club

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