Remarkable Guilds Preview: Ennia Iranapha

Remarkable Guilds Preview: Ennia Iranapha

Our brand-new book Remarkable Guilds & Their Heroes will Kickstart in March (be sure to follow) and we are SO excited for this new gm sourcebook. Today we are revealing the first heroic guild leader: Ennia Iranapha from the Bardic Company of Living Tales. What's her story? Find out now!

Guilds Unite Against Darkness

After the success of Remarkable Cults & Their Followers in 2021 (raised over $200.000 on Kickstarter), we knew we wanted to do a follow-up book. Cults was all about the dark side, villainous factions. So our upcoming Guilds book brings balance to the force, by centering on valiant, noble factions of light. It will go quite a bit beyond just traditional guilds, so expect a wealth of detailed information in Loresmyth-style that is heaven for GMs to help their roleplaying reach new heights.

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If you are not already following our pre-launch page, go there now and click Get Notified so you will not miss the Remarkable Guilds Kickstarter launch. With this book we are providing roleplaying game masters with a wealth of information and pre-made content to bring valiant guilds to life, as well as provide tools to create your own in great detail.

Guild Spotlight: The Bardic Company of Living Tales

The Bardic Company of Living Tales is a traveling band of bards and storytellers extraordinaire. The guild collects and chronicles stories not only for their preservation, but draws on the fabled stories, eternal themes, and ancient characters to magically bring those tales to life through music, song, and dance. The powers they draw from these fabled stories vary from summoning spectral characters to reincarnating the legendary abilities of heroes into the present. The exceptional bards of the Company grant these powers upon themselves or their listeners, allowing them to carry on the valorous legacies of those tales.

Ennia Iranapha - Remarkable Guild Leader

Age: 563
Race: Elf
Occupation: Bard
Specialty: Magical Companions, Enchantments

Bold, brave, and bright as a beam of sunshine, Enna Iranapha has been the Head Chorister of the Bardic Company of Living Tales for almost two centuries. Since she joined the company in her youth, she spent her time traveling around the world collecting a huge selection of stories, many of which feature elven heroines. We can't wait to discover here motivations for the guild and what stories will unfold with this exciting character... 



Mythical Mantles

Unique to the bardic company are the bespoke mantles they wear, which are embroidered and inscribed with mythical scenes of the tales of old. Quite literally the guild members surround themselves with the tales they value and look to preserve, taking them through the generations. But these prized cloaks hold many more qualities than just their awesome looks. You will discover just what those properties are in the Remarkable Guilds book once it comes out...

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We will be back soon with another guild and character preview. Until that time, stay safe and happy gaming!

Chris van der Linden - Founder Loremsyth
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