Remarkable Guilds - New Page Preview

Remarkable Guilds - New Page Preview

We are excited to reveal another guild from our upcoming Remarkable Guilds & Their Heroes book, that is Kickstarting right now. Continue reading to discover the first little glimpses about The Bureau of Mysteries, one of the ten pre-made guilds that come packed in our new book. 

Ten Remarkable Guilds Await

One of the big reasons people love our Remarkable books, is the amount of creative, pre-made contents that are easily dropped straight into your campaign worlds. With the Remarkable Guilds book, this means ten uniquely crafted guilds, complete with their key NPCs, services, special items and quest hooks. Of course, our Remarkable books don't stop there. They also come packed with tools and tables to create your very own fantasy guilds, and offer new optional gameplay ideas on how to bring them to life in immersive ways.

Full new page preview

We started development about 5 months ago on this new book, and with the majority of the writing very far finished, we have started making prelimenary layouts for some of the chapters. As you can see we also have a big amount of illustrations by Natasja van Gestel and Daniel Comerci done, which makes it a real treat as a designer to put the pages together! Check out this new sneak preview:

The Bureau of Mysteries

Want to see more? We just released the guild leader profile card for Jamilla Lampglow on our Kickstarter page, check it out here This power lady is the leader of the Bureau of Mysteries guild, and a force to be reckoned with. The artwork by Jens Kuczwara is jaw-dropping gorgeous. Visit our Kickstarter update now to get the full scoop! If you have not backed our new Kickstarter yet, consider doing so, you support means we can make this book a reality!

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