New Loresmyth website launched

New Loresmyth website launched

Hello fellow Loresmyths, 

After several months of work we launched our brand-new website last week (the one you are looking at right now) and we are very happy to have made the switch. A period of roughly 4 years comes to a close where we finally said goodbye to our aging (and frustrating) WordPress website and hail a completely new store powered by Shopify. 

Let's Celebrate - 15% off using 'HappyLaunch' 

To celebrate this lovely milestone, we are giving away 15% discount on everything while stock lasts and with a minimum order value of $15 dollars. Use the coupon code 'HappyLaunch' during checkout to apply the discount. Thanks to all new and returning Loresmyth customers, we are blessed having such a fantastic community of fans! 

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'Old' Loresmyth accounts no longer available

With the website switch, unfortunately we were unable to keep all past customer accounts and order data working.

In case you are wondering how this happened: From the moment we decided to start building our new website, the first priority was to be able to migrate all existing user accounts and order data. We hired an external "expert" to facilitate this and we were promised multiple times it would not be a problem. When the time came to switch over, it turned out it totally did not work as promised. It bummed us out to no end, but at that point we could no longer turn back. 


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