Loresmyth Academy - Learning Community for Roleplaying Game Creators

Loresmyth Academy - Learning Community for Roleplaying Game Creators

When I started out making roleplaying adventures as a hobby, I had no idea there was a whole gaming industry behind it, and that you could earn a living making products for Dungeons & Dragons, Pathfinder and other game systems. With the encouragement of Nord Games and other friends I met along the way, Loresmyth quickly grew into one of the leading third-party creators. 

Prior to starting Loresmyth I had already worked in the online gaming industry for 10+ years, during which I built up a wealth of experience in running startup companies, working with developers, designing, developing and marketing products and more.

Now, it is my mission to pass on all of this knowledge to other fellow creators, and in return help them get their "break" into this wonderful market. Especially, now when Loresmyth is taking a break from developing and Kickstarting new products for a while, I am shifting gears. 

Loresmyth Academy 

Loresmyth Academy is the learning community for fellow tabletop roleplaying game creators. Learn new skills, participate in group coaching sessions, exchange experience, get mentorship and more. It started out with online coaching webinars which were very well received, and I started on planning a dedicated channel and Patreon for the Academy. 

Join the free LoreSmyth Academy Discord --> https://discord.gg/r5CEeRvEGg

For Who?

Welcome creators of all kinds, from hobby, indie to professional roleplaying creators. Our Patreon & Discord channel is a growing community of talented roleplaying game creators and a safe place to learn, discuss, grow and teach.

If you have very little experience our community and Patreon will be a fantastic opportunity to tap into a shared experience and jump-start your journey. If you are already on your way, it will help grow and deepen your success and knowledge.

What does Loresmyth Academy offer?

Whether you are a hobbyist or an indie creator, through this Patreon, you can tap into the 15+ years of experience of the founder of Loresmyth and other tabletop roleplaying game creators. Its our mission to teach you everything you need to create and publish your own RPG content.

This includes:

Tips for doing layout, cover art design, commissioning artists
Tips for planning, promoting and optimizing your Kickstarters
Tips for how to plan, budget and finish your book/product
Tips for self-publishing roleplaying game content
Tips for how to grow your business, sales, marketing, reach
Mindset, creative exercises, helpful tools, helpers, worksheets

🔥 Become a Patreon member for exclusive access: https://www.patreon.com/loresmythacademy/about

Private PRO Mentorship

In addition to the Academy community and Patreon, I have started taking on private clients/companies and coaching them to achieve business growth and maximise their Kickstarter launches. For more information about this please visit: https://loresmyth.com/pages/academy

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