Guilds Coming - Gleam Prize Raffle

Guilds Coming - Gleam Prize Raffle

We are Kickstarting our brand-new DM roleplaying guide Remarkable Guilds & Their Heroes very soon. The campaign launches on March 15th to be exact and to celebrate this new awesome milestone, Loresmyth is giving away some really nice prizes. Enter below to have a chance at winning!

Remarkable Guilds Kickstarter

The 4th book in our best-selling Remarkable GM guide books is in pre-production and will Kickstart on March 15th. It follows on our successfully funded Remarkable Cults book of 2021 (raised over $200.000) and Guilds is to be another stunning resource for roleplaying game masters. Our Remarkable books are compatible with any fantasy roleplaying system, so it's not exclusive to 5th edition D&D. Last week we teased a first Guild leader on our Blog.

We invite you to follow our Guilds Kickstarter page now, so you get notified of the launch. If you want to enter using the prize raffle, be sure to use the links in the Gleam widget to claim those entry points.

Gleam Prize Raffle

To celebrate the upcoming Guilds Kickstarter, we are giving away some really cool prizes. All you have to do to enter is visit our Kickstarter page from the widget below, to claim your raffle entry tickets. You can increase your odds by completing more of the entries in the widget, but those are optional. The winners will be chosen at random, one week after this prize raffle ends on 14th March 2022 (11:59PM Amsterdam). Anyone can enter worldwide.

Remarkable Guilds - Loresmyth Giveaway


If you have any questions regarding our prize raffle or Kickstarter campaigns, please reach out to our support team at
You can also hop onto our Discord server to chat with us directly (timezones apply).
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