Get Ready for a Remarkable New Year - Big Announcements!

Get Ready for a Remarkable New Year - Big Announcements!

Hello dear Loresmyths! Welcome to the new year. While the pandemic continues to make things challenging, we have a ton of amazing (or should we say remarkable) things planned for 2022. Check out the video update on our Youtube channel for the full rundown, and make sure to watch it to the end for a big announcement. Let's dive in shall we?

Loresmyth Plans for 2022

In this new year, we have many great things lined up, including developing two brand-new dnd books for roleplaying game masters. If you are familiar with our best-selling Remarkable gm guides, you will be happy to learn that the 4th book called Remarkable Guilds is Kickstarting this March. This guide on roleplaying heroic fantasy Guilds is a direct follow-up to our Remarkable Cults book that raised over $200.000 dollars on Kickstarter last year. Backers of that project will be happy to know that the physical books are landing in our international shipping hubs around February, and pledges will start shipping around March. 

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Wondrous Expeditions - Big Announcements 

A while back we did a Kickstarter for a completely new book concept called Wondrous Expeditions: Forests. It generated a lot of excitement on Kickstarter at the time, and since the book has been finished and digitally distributed to our backers. Printing has been a huge problem due to the global pandemic causing supply chain problems for many companies, including us. After many hardships, we are happy to announce that the books have now been manufactured and together with the Remarkable Cults books are on their way to our international warehouses. We know it has been a long wait for our loyal backers on this project, but we are glad to see this expedition finally come to a positive ending! 

Wondrous Expeditions - Vote for the Next Book!!! 

But that's not all! We are beyond hyped to let you know that we will Kickstart the second book in the Wondrous roleplaying guide series later this year. But we haven't decided that what the topic is going to be. The Wondrous Expeditions series is all about making overland travel through wilderness terrain exciting, so the 2nd book will feature a specific terrain type. In traditional Loresmyth style, we are letting YOU help decide what this terrain type will be.

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What are you looking forward to this year? Let us know! 

Chris van der Linden / Founder Loresmyth

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