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“You Open the Door and Find… Nothing?

“You find nothing there.”

“It’s an empty room.”

“Hidden in the shadows is… nothing.”

Oudenophobia (from Greek ouden, meaning “nothing”) or nilophobia (from Latin nihil, meaning “nothing”) is the fear of nothingness or the number zero.

Never Fear: Nothing Will Ever Bother You Again!

It’s one of the Dungeon Master’s biggest pet peeves – you have a huge dungeon map ready to go, but very few items worth putting in those many rooms. Sure, once or twice, for suspense purposes, an empty room is necessary. But leave too many cold, solitary rooms on your map, and you risk boring your party and yourself.

That’s where our new Dungeon Discoveries card decks come in handy – you need never leave an empty room on your map again! Each card comes with eight lines of text – four descriptions and four items. Pick a descriptor and an item, and voila: you have an item to place in that otherwise vacant room.

We’re starting off with two distinctive, 50-card packs: Curious Treasures and Fumbled Searches. Did your bard sing like a bird to gain access to the Lady’s Dressing Room? Great! Use a Curious Treasure card to reward her. Or, if your tank failed an investigation check, you can whip out your Fumbled Searches deck and let him discover a pile of clipped toenails for his efforts.

Thousands of Game-Changing Possibilities

The items can be worthless or priceless, and they can also give you a chance to jumpstart that dramatic storyline you’ve waited ages for. Here’s an example: Let’s say your party’s rogue character rolled a Natural 20 in her attempt to break into the dressing room. You’ve wanted a chance to test the rogue’s loyalties. You reach for your Curious Treasure deck and draw this card.

“With an excited grunt, you succeed in picking the lock and you enter the wardrobe. Her Ladyship kept this room immaculate. And there, right on the vanity, just as was prophesied, is the Goblet of Whispers. Its silver has been brightly polished, and it gleams with the moonlight entering through the nearby window. You didn’t expect its curves to form the shape of an owl, however. You waste no time and place your hands on the goblet… and as you do, a purple mist begins to envelop you, and you swear you can see the owl on the goblet begin to move its beak as it speaks to you…”

And our cards don’t have to be used solely for filling out your maps. What if your barbarian succeeds in his next arm-wrestling match at the nearby watering hole? What if he fails? You’ve got thousands of new possibilities waiting with the draw of a card.

Chris van der Linden

Founder, Creative Director

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