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What Classic D&D Books Should I Get?

What Classic D&D Books Should I Get?

We recently moved into a new office space with Loresmyth. Being in the business of creating and publishing our own roleplaying books I love the idea of building a small collection of vintage Dungeon and Dragon books as a showcase and little snapshot of the history of how our hobby has evolved over the years. Knowing how much some of you love talking about this subject, I decided to post a video about it on our Youtube channel to get your thoughts on the matter! I can still vividly remember my own first dungeon crawl, and we all have fantastic memories of our beloved roleplaying games.

The Long Legacy of D&D

Having started playing about 25 years ago myself the 2nd and 3d edition dungeons and dragons core books, I know a little about the retro roleplaying materials, but not nearly as much as your our fans. So I love to hear your thoughts on what vintage D&D books I should get for this collection. We create our own roleplaying books and card decks such as the Remarkable Inns and Shops books and Heroic Challenges, and we do so based on the long tradition of everything that has gone before. How awesome would it be to be able to just reach for the bookshelf and page through some of the key moments in the history of Dungeon and Dragons books, and inform our own product design not only from our own ideas, but from the rich legacy of 45+ years of roleplaying?

Player’s handbook D&D

We know many of you have truly epic collections at home yourself, having held on to your TSR and Advanced Dungeons & Dragons era books like holy relics, so who better to ask than you on what items we should be looking to collect? This would span the entire range of TSR and Wizards of the Coasts D&D. I still have my d&d player’s handbook from almost all periods, so I’m not starting out from zero, but I am sure you will have some fantastic suggestions on how to go about and assemble our modest collection of retro roleplaying products. 

So, What Vintage D&D Books to Collect?

I want to point out that my intention is not to get the rarest or most valuable pieces from a collectors’ point of view. For me, this is not an exercise of getting some kind of return on investment (yikes!), instead, I just love to get a small-ish collection together that can pride our office space, and allow us to be in the presence of the history of roleplaying. I would like to get a few “key” items per phase of the roleplaying history, so from the very first edition to 2nd edition advanced dungeons and dragons, 3.5e edition (I still have my 3.5 d&d character sheet hah!), the great-looking but somewhat unloved 4th edition d&d and today’s modern “classics”. It can be core rule books, adventure modules, campaign settings or even other items. We know this is a topic you love to discuss, so don’t hold back with your thoughts!

Discuss On the Loresmyth Discord

The best place to comment is on our ever-growing Loresmyth Discord server, so feel welcome to join and discuss.

Talk soon!

Chris van der Linden, Founder @ Loresmyth


Chris van der Linden

Founder, Creative Director

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