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The Obsidian King development update

Hello dear LoreSmyth fans,

We have several adventure modules in development at the moment, so it’s quite an exciting time at the LoreSmyth HQ. Since it’s been a while, its high time for a status update on development. Continue reading for the whole story!

The Obsidian King

Now that the Whispers from the Void 5e adventure module has been released, we are hard at work bringing you the other adventures that are in pre-order status. Namely the Flight of Vorden and The Obsidian King. Both continue the story arc established in our debut The Claws of Madness, and dig deeper into the mythology and villains. It has been great to receive so many fun reactions of groups of players enjoying these stories, forming the basis for their campaigns!

With the good news out of the way, we have to inform you also that due to some unforeseen circumstances, both of the adventures have experienced delays and are thus being released a little later than we had hoped. Due to personal reasons beyond control, The Obsidian King has seen a writer change midway during the development. Everything is back on track now with that module, and its currently being edited and the artist is working on the final illustrations. We are aiming for end of June release, with a Pathfinder conversion following shortly after.

The Flight of Vorden

This adventure has been brewing for a long time now. It was initially slated as the sequel to The Claws of Madness, but because so many people enjoyed the adventure, I decided to expand the story line. With that, Whispers from the Void is now the second adventure in this campaign path. The Flight of Vorden will up the ante once more, and will likely have a 4th and final? adventure coming after it to end the Narkul story arc with a big bang. The Flight of Vorden is being written now, and is aimed for a August release. I know this is quite some time still, but the good news is we will do a Kickstarter for it most likely, to round out the funds for production, and ensure we can deliver top quality.


Chris van der Linden

Founder, Creative Director

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