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The Obsidian King and more new adventure Pre-Orders

After the massive success of our debut adventure The Claws of Madness (now a Gold best seller on DriveThru), many people have been asking for follow up adventures. We are a big fan of developing adventure modules, but with our other products also gaining recognition, adventures kinda took the fall for it. Until now that is! Read on for big news! 

So the big news? We have not one, not two, but a whopping three new adventures coming your way. Truth, the Flight of Vorden will take a while because we have just started writing that one, but The Obsidian King and Whispers from the Void are close to final. Our playtesting groups loved them, so we are confident you will too. All three of these new adventure modules are closely related to the story arc of Claws of Madness, so if you have played that, these adventures will offer great material to continue. In addition to upping the ante (things are spiraling out of control quickly!), your players will meet familiar NPC’s again, in addition to interesting new characters. The powers from the Far Realm are increasing their dark grip on the mortal world, and more evil spills over through rifts between the planes… and what has become of the mysterious¬†Hand of Narkul?¬†

Whispers from the Void

This adventure for 4th level players can be placed directly following the events in The Claws of Madness, or a little later. It introduces a new faction called The Prophets of the Void which are up to no good. Dangerous rifts between the Far Realm and material world are appearing, spewing forth alien abominations. Hoping to learn more about the increasing threats, Ulfwin the Fair tasks the heroes to seek out the leader of the Monosis Druids. But will the adventurers get there in time?






The Obsidian King

This standalone adventure for 3d level players tasks your heroes to explore an ancient dungeon temple, originally built in honor of the dwarven god Mithnar. Dwarf prospector Kaelen of Dimhall is secretly pursuing an age-old prophecy, that is foretold to herald the return of Mithnar. Looking to keep his endeavors unknown to his comrades, Kaelen hires adventurers to explore the old dungeon, with nothing more than fragments of an old hymn and a small obsidian key. What will your heroes find in the depths of the earth? Can they overcome the trials put in place to test the mettle of the followers of Mithnar?





Flight Of Vorden- LoreSmyth-DTRPG

The Flight of Vorden

This adventure for 5th to 6th level players continues the story arc of the Claws of Madness and the mysterious Hand of Narkul. When the adventurers discover the body of a wealthy nobleman on a forested road, they are caught in the middle of a fast unraveling chain of events, that threatens the very fabric of the mortal plane. Delve deeper into the story that spans back generations, unearths a dark family secret and ultimately expose the alien threat that looks to wholly devour the material plane. If you have played the Claws of Madness this adventure is a must-have, with massive revelations!


Chris van der Linden

Founder, Creative Director

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