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The Hunger of Ral’ath

Looking for a fun story hook and dungeon to drop into your campaign? Look no further!
We’ve got a fun little adventure hook, plus free dungeon map for you after the click!

Father Welkin, the pastor of small rural town Woodhurst is pleading adventurers for help. The village has been distressed by terrifying, tormenting demonic spirits. Worse, many villagers have since disappeared. The pastor points out a nearby tomb. Once home to an elemental worshipping cult; the Chosen of Ral’ath, this tomb may be the epicentre of recent events. When the heroes investigate, they find an ancient, overgrown subterranean temple… and a portal to another dimension…

Spoiler: Father Welkin has secretly made a pact with an elemental demon, who’s ordered the pastor to bring “human flesh”.

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Chris van der Linden

Founder, Creative Director

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