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The Fellowship of TTRPGs

Not to get too philosophical on you, but participating in role-playing games helps us come together as a society and betters us as friends, family and people in general.

As Friends

Most of our experiences with D&D or other RPGs include discovering the game alongside friends. Mine only started last year at the behest of my husband and his friends, who have had an ongoing homebrew D&D game for years now. It was only after I joined the group that I learned more about my friends – more about their likes and dislikes, their other hobbies, their jobs – than I thought I already knew.

Watching your friends confront challenges, victory and tragedy helps you see them in a much different light and I think helps you bond with them more closely.


As Teachers & Students

Back in the 1980s when Dungeons & Dragons was first gaining its ground with nerds and geeks, many adults were concerned with so-called “occult practices” explored in the story. You would be hard-pressed to find a teacher even willing to discuss the game with their students.

Today, thankfully, D&D is seen as an important tool by many educators, who use the game to teach dramatic skills (improvisation), language skills (storytelling) and cooperative learning (teamwork).

Listen to this episode of the official D&D Podcast which focuses on using the game in the classroom.

As Family

There was probably a time when D&D was first released when players wouldn’t dream of telling their parents about the game, much less expect them to want to play. Imagine!

But hey – now we’re well into the 21st century and times have changed. Families are embracing D&D. Hop onto social media and do a quick search – you’re bound to see someone post pictures of smiling faces around a game table, and you’ll see some of those faces identified as children, parents… or even good ol’ Grandma:

In Conclusion

We are in a world where the loudest, angriest voice is getting the most attention. It’s a divided world, and we’re finding fault with anything and everything around us.

Settle down. Reach a hand out to your friend (or even your enemy), your mom or your dad, sister, brother, whoever… offer them a set of rad-looking dice and show them what magic lay in store for them if they give a TTRPG a try.

Chris van der Linden

Founder, Creative Director

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