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The desert calls! Nekhathon modular dungeon map Pre-order!

Nekhathon – HD modular dungeon map tiles set

The kingdom of Nekhathon crumbled and vanished beneath the desert sands. Will you dare to uncover its secrets? Buy this virtual modular map set now:

Geplaatst door LoreSmyth op Zondag 10 september 2017


Pre-order Nekhathon, our stunning Egyptian themed modular dungeon map tile set.
Now only $5.99 $3.99 – Coming to you October 10th 2017.

The Lost Tombs of Nekhathon

Nekhathon is the latest in our “MapSmyth” sets; High quality modular dungeon map tiles that let you create stunning virtual battle maps in minutes. Our lavishly detailed HD virtual tiles are 100% cross-compatible with all of our other packs. This means you can combine parts from all our sets to create stunning maps. Your dungeons will never be the same! Make maps that will impress your players every session. Many of our satisfied users drop these tiles directly into Roll20, or any other VTT of choice. Or how about you simply combine them in Photoshop to create your own masterwork maps?

MapSmyth Nekhathon Modular Dungeon Tiles setThe Fallen Sun God

Deep below the ever-shifting sands of the great desert, sleep the lost tombs of Nekhathon. Aeons ago, this pharaoh god ruled supreme, driving both invention and prosperity to soaring heights. When an evil spirit consumed the Sun God Nekhathon and turned him into an undead pawn, his kingdom crumbled and disappeared below the sands. Now your adventurers can explore the maze of hallways, ritual chambers and majestic halls. What untouched treasures lie in wait? What nameless creatures haunt the sandblasted corridors and cobweb filled chambers? What stories do the embalmed dead tell? Find out… if you dare…

‘Nekhathon’ modular dungeon map tile set

The Nekhathon modular tile pack consists of:

  • $5.99 (Pre-order now for $3.99)
  • 80 HD modular dungeon tiles & decorations (PNG)
  • Several ready-made sample maps created with the Nekhathon tiles
  • A Help file & Support included
  • Optimised for VTT’s such as Roll20
  • Compatible with all our other modular sets


Chris van der Linden

Founder, Creative Director

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