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The Claws of Madness (PF) Kickstarter funded over 400%

Hello all,

As the last seconds ticked away a few more backers jumped in and pledged, making us fund over 400% of our original goal. What can I say? Amazing result!
Now that our Kickstarter has reached its goal, we continue work on delivering the adventure book to you. Much as already been done, and we are perfectly on schedule for delivery (April) for PDFs and (May) for the softcover books. If the postal and printing gods are smiling upon us favourably, you might even see your reward sooner…

Thank you!
Thank you!

Since we made 2x extra 500,- we are aiming to make two additional short adventures. These are now in development, but will take some time to finish so they will be delivered separately after the original Claws of Madness adventure. We will continue to post updates on these as we move forward.

Make sure you provide us your email address and physical postal address to ensure we can send your rewards in due time.

Thanks again for backing!!


Chris van der Linden

Founder, Creative Director

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