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The Claws of Madness adventure comes to Pathfinder

We’re excited to let you know our best selling adventure The Claws of Madness is coming out for the Patfhinder game system. Don’t miss our Kickstarter which is LIVE NOW if you want to support this project!!

Released in November of last year, Claws got a very positive response, some saying it was the best thing they Kickstarted in the past years. High praise for our humble debut adventure module! The Claws of Madness is the perfect adventure to kick of a campaign with new players. Offering both a riveting storyline, dungeon crawl, a mysterious island and monastery to explore and memorable characters and villains. To top it off it introduces several new monsters and magic items to spice up your campaign. The story started in Claws will receive a follow up book currently in development called The Flight of Vorden and amounts to a climactic challenge for even high level characters.

Make it happen with our Kickstarter

We are doing a Kickstarter now to raise funds to convert the existing book to the Pathfinder rules, book layout update, playtesting and get it solid and ready for release. It will be released on DriveThruRPG as high quality e-book and softcover.


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