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The Chapel on the Cliffs – 5e adventure out now

Today we wanted to take some time to promote a fellow indie publisher. Frankly, because we feel there can never be enough support and recognition for what dedicated small studios are doing to bring gamers fantastic content. Our friends at Goblin Stone have just released their new adventure “The Chapel on the Cliffs” and it’s a must-own book! 

Goblin Stone have just finished their Kickstarter for their amazing 5e adventure called “The Chapel on the Cliffs”. We helped them out a little bit (this was their first Kickstarter) with running and marketing a successful Kickstarter (which is an art in itself) and with manufacturing the books. We share their pride, because this is a must-own adventure in our opinion!

The production values are out of this world
The production values are out of this world

The Chapel on the Cliffs is a horror-themed adventure that has a different un-fresh spin on things. Your adventurers will find this is no walk in the park, and the book comes with fantastic “horde-like” rules for masses of skeletons. Yup! Oh man! Not to mention the production values of this adventure book, it’s out of this world. The maps are of super high quality, and the full color artwork brings everything to life in a terrific way. This really rivals anything Kobold Press or even Wizard’s has put out in recent years.

Why hello there! :)
Why hello there! 🙂


Looking for a top quality, fun adventure? Grab this now from DriveThruRPG

Chris van der Linden

Founder, Creative Director

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