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Survey Results & Winner of Free Map Pack

We recently asked our modular map pack customers to take part in a survey. Now, the results are in and we are excited to share them with you. And of course, as promised, we will announce the winner of our free map pack! Read on below the fold…

Since we started selling our very first modular map pack half a year ago, it was an instant success and best seller on Roll20. It proved there was a demand for high-quality images, as many modular map sets are quite basic in visual style. Since that first set (The Genesis pack) we have created 7 more, and kept increasing the quality, detail and finetune our process. But – we are not stopping here, so we asked you to answer our survey – in hopes to learn more about how we can improve this product. The results are very interesting, let us share the highlights with you!

Modular Maps Survey Results

A shiny 4.5 stars

When asked to rate our modular dungeon map tilesets, you scored them a 4 and higher. This results in an average of 4.5 stars. This really flatters us, but more so, it is important for us to know that the efforts that go into creating HD, richly detailed tiles are appreciated. Among other things, your main praise for our modular map tilesets is:

  • Highly detailed images
  • Easy to use and mix/match different sets
  • Snaps easily to the Roll20 grid

Ideas for future sets

We asked you to pitch in your ideas for future modular sets. The suggestions have been great, so let’s list a few of them here for everyone to see. Among all the ideas, a city-themed set was a clear favorite, as well as a set focusing on castles/manors.

Top ideas:

  • Forest / Outdoor terrain sets
  • Caves set (this is coming soon in our Wilderland Caves pack)
  • City / Town set
  • Sewers
  • Dwarven-themed set
  • Winter-themed sets
  • More sci-fi sets (please comment below and elaborate on this one thanks!)
  • Islands

Possible improvements

Decoration Tokens –Ā While we certainly got a lot of praise (thanks again) we also were happy to hear from you, some suggestions how to improve our product. One recurring point was that you would like to see more variation and details for decorating your dungeon maps. We always thought that the market for tokens was “flooded” and there was no point in us making “even more tokens”. We imaged everyone’s libraries were already filled with thousands of tables, chairs and cabinet images. Now, we think we may need to reconsider? Tell us in the comments below what you think. Would you love to get decoration token sets, if we made them in our style/quality?

Printed cards –Ā Another request we get often is about printed versions of our tiles. This is something we have explored from the start but find troublesome. Other manufacturers (such as Black Scroll) sell these, using DriveThruRPG print-on-demand. Our opinion is that the card stock used (the thickness of a playing card) isĀ to flimsy to warrant the quality we stand for. We are interested in hearing your opinion. We have also talked to local printers who can do thicker card stock, but then we have to handle shipping ourselves. Since we are based in the Netherlands we figured most our USA customers will find the shipping costs too steep, when added to the price of the printed pack.


Winner of the free Pack!

Lastly, we are excited to announce who won the free map pack – as reward for taking part in our survey.
Because we got a lot of amazing feedback, we are not selecting one winner, but three. The lucky ones are:

  • Dan Slack
  • Jonathan Dain
  • Aaron Murphy

Please mail to contact@loresmyth.com to choose what pack you like to receive.
Thanks again for everyone who took time to do our survey. We really appreciate your opinion!

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Chris van der Linden

Founder, Creative Director

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