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Savage Dawn: Your Patronage is Welcome!

Now is the time to join this unfolding story and leave your mark on the world and discover what its future holds!

LoreSmyth is running a Patreon account for our Savage Dawn campaign setting. Our current goal of $200 in contributions per month is so close… once we hit that mark, we can add a writer to our team who will be charged with expanding our campaign.

Unfamiliar with the campaign? Savage Dawn starts in the largely uncharted glacial wasteland called The Maw. One civilised stronghold remains defiant, isolated amidst the endless wastes. Within the walls of the Stronghold, its inhabitants rival for survival, power, and knowledge. Others, looking to escape the oppressive rule and live freely, form nomadic tribes outside the cradling walls. In the meantime, an underground movement of explorers known as Loresmyths has begun to secretly venture far into the uncharted wastelands and report their findings.

Patrons get access to monthly updates/expansions to the campaign setting. In addition, you get private access to our Discord server where you go directly behind the scenes of the development process, give feedback, playtest and much, much more! This is a great way to support making this epic product, and get all future updates.

You can contribute as little as a dollar – much less than most cups of to-go coffee – and help us inch ever closer to the next stage of our campaign’s evolution.

Ready to help us forge more myths? Click here to donate! And as always, thanks for your continued support!

Chris van der Linden

Founder, Creative Director

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