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We recently partnered with ShipQuest EU/UK. We are in the process of getting all our products in stock at this new hub, which takes 1-2 months. During this time, shipping of orders to the EU and UK is temporarily paused. USA, Canada, Australia orders are not affected.
Restocking The Remarkable Hardcover Books

Restocking the Remarkable Hardcover books

Hello dear Loresmyths!

Recently the rapidly growing (and renewed) interest in our Remarkable roleplaying source books caught us a little off-guard, and a one particular crazy month of sales emptied what stock was left in the USA and Europe warehouses like a thunderwave spell. Since, we’ve been hard at work to restock the (mostly hardcover) products, which due to COVID has taken a little longer than usual. Read on for an update on pending order delivery ETA’s for USA and the rest of the world.

How much is too much?

As a relatively small company we always have to balance just how much inventory you keep (it costs money to manufacture, transport, store and secure) and investing in products too deeply that may not sell over time is a quick way to kill a business. Over the past years we’ve been somewhat cautious, rather choosing to re-print when a product sells out, versus keeping larger quantities and hoping they eventually will recoup themselves. With our latest Wondrous Expeditions Forests Kickstarter it seems Loresmyth managed to reach a large number of new fans, and with it came a surge in sales for our existing product lines unlike we’ve seen before.


New Books Manufactured & Europe HUB on the horizon

Remarkable books Loresmyth for D&D

Of course this surge in sales is wonderful and we are incredibly thankful for this, especially amidst a raging pandemic where some of us are fearing for their income. Loresmyth is developing in such a promising way that we are now also exploring partnering with a European warehouse and shipping partner, to better handle with the growing demand. Once this takes further shape we will let you know (most likely around the time our next Kickstarter launches early next year). For example, the European portion of our products still ship from founder Chris van der Linden’s house in the Netherlands (under the watchful eyes of some chickens and a black cat), where the classic story of starting in the back of the garage unfolds into a serious business.

The new Remarkable books have been manufactured

The past month, new Remarkable Inns and Remarkable Shops hardcover books have been manufactured at our book printing partner and they are now in transit to the warehouses. Our Remarkable Hardcover bundle product has been the most popular seller over the past quarter, and because one of the books ran out of stock, we couldn’t ship any of the bundles, to the disappointment of both us and you who are waiting to get their hands on it.

Pending Backorder Delivery Update

The chickens are curious 🙂

Today, the first part of the new books arrived in the Netherlands at Loresmyth. From here pending backorders to Europe and other countries that are not USA or Canada will start to go out from Monday 23d and onwards. The USA portion of the new inventory has departed with ocean freight to the Nord Games warehouse in California. The cargo is expected to arrive around December 17th, after which it can take a little while before the goods are “cleared” through customs and ready to get shipped out to customers.

We understand the wait is real and things are taking longer than our initial mid-November estimate. Yet again Covid has been a delaying factor and going forward it will be something to take into account. We are working hard to provide the best possible service as possible, despite the challenges thrown at us. We like to thank everyone for their incredible support and understanding! We love to hear if you dig this kind of behind-the-scenes updates, comment below or join the discussion on Discord.

Talk soon!

Chris van der Linden

Chris van der Linden

Founder, Creative Director

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  1. Thank you Loresmyth crew and company for providing clear and updated information regarding the mass orders scheduling. This to me means a lot when a company can provide a clear, concise, and conscious awareness of concern from your customers. I am one of them who had wondered when I’d be receiving this exciting bundle package and am happy I popped onto your website. About to send an email with the curious thoughts of when my order will arrive, you had immediately posted the awareness already. Its just a shock to have such integrity and sincerity these days in a company or business. So thank you so much for making your customers first priority.

    A new and excited fan of Loresmyth,
    Timothy M. Bennett

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