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We recently partnered with ShipQuest EU/UK. We are in the process of getting all our products in stock at this new hub, which takes 1-2 months. During this time, shipping of orders to the EU and UK is temporarily paused. USA, Canada, Australia orders are not affected.
An Urgent Message From Loresmyth

An Urgent Message From Loresmyth

Loresmyth needs your support to make it through the COVID-19 epidemic! We’re taking drastic measures, including making Remarkable Shops available to the public immediately.

A Message From Chris

“It is becoming more apparent every day just how massive the worldwide impact of the COVID-19 epidemic is, and it’s beginning to have consequences for Loresmyth as well.

“I only recently made the switch from quitting my day job and doing this ‘RPG thing’ full-time, so suddenly I feel immensely fragile, with a wife, kids and house on the line. I’ve seen revenues dwindle and companies going out of business or locked down because of quarantines.

“You may have seen other companies such as Fat Goblin put out statements that “now is the time to support” your favorite companies by sticking with them, and this is very, very true. I can only hope for your understanding in this force-majeure situation, and if your health and finances allow: continue your pledges and purchases.

“Normally, I wait several months after Kickstarter backers have received their rewards before selling the product to the public. This way backers get it first, before anyone else. With sales being crippled heavily, I am forced to start putting Remarkable Shops in the stores immediately, to ensure revenues and my company stays afloat.

“Our new Kickstarter for “Heroic Challenges” is also launching on April 7th. Given the state of the world, I am beyond nervous and a lot is riding on this one Kickstarter. I am praying I can count on your support again for this new launch. It means absolutely everything to me and my family. What usually feels like a super festive and bubbly moment, now is overshadowed by a gigantic feeling of dread. Fingers crossed!”

How You Can Help

Right now, your support is the only thing keeping Loresmyth from going out of business. Here are some ways you can help us:

You can get more details about each of these below.

Every purchase and pledge counts, no matter how small.

What COVID-19 Means for Orders.

We are trying our best to keep packing and shipping orders, even if it means doing it by hand. The majority will not arrive on-time, as the majority of shipping staff are only allowed into their workplace for a brief period each week. Your orders will go out, but we can’t say how quickly.

The same goes for Kickstarter pledges, which are being fulfilled from both the EU and USA warehouses.

More than ever, this means that we need your support, in both understanding delays are inevitable and knowing your purchases mean the difference in going out of business or seeing this through to the end!

Remarkable Shops & Their Wares

Turn ordinary shop visits into memorable roleplaying experiences. Includes everything from numerous shop types and their wares to unique shopkeepers, currencies, trade routes, exotic mounts, and crafting custom items. You can even let your players build and operate a store! With dozens of random generationRoleplaying Guide on Fantasy Shops by Loresmyth tables, Game Masters can now construct the most detailed shops ever to grace a fantasy world…

  • 112 pages, illustrated, including 8 color shop maps
  • EU availability: March 2020
  • USA availability: May-June 2020
  • PDF $15.99
  • Softcover $22.99
  • Hardcover $29.99

Get it now in the Loresmyth shop!

For Remarkable Shops book purchases by USA customers, shipping is expected to start in May or June, so consider buying now as a kind of “pre-order.” That supports us massively!

Heroic Challenges

On April 7th, we’re launching our new Kickstarter campaign for “Heroic Challenges”, a dynamic deck set that can be used by both players and GMs to generate impromptu roleplaying challenges and rewards for any fantasy RPG.

All you have to do is draw a card from the deck, pick a challenge, complete your goal, and draw a reward!

Heroic Challenges offers dozens of ways to play:

  • GMs can draw a Challenge for each player at the beginning of a session
  • Players can draw Challenges in secret to create hidden agendas
  • Players can draw group Challenges to encourage teamwork

You can “follow” the Kickstarter here to get notified the moment it goes live!

“Remarkable Inns” Is Now in Hardback!

A brand new, second-issue printing of our smash-hit Remarkable Inns & Their Drinks is now available in gorgeous, top-quality hardback binding, along with some corrections and errata that improve it over the first printing.

For USA customers, shipping is expected to start in May or June, so consider buying now as a kind of “pre-order”–it helps us out immensely!


  • 8 ready-made taverns and detailed maps
  • Unique and colorful NPCs to interact with
  • Engaging rumors and secrets to discover
  • Over 1,000 random list options!

You can get the new hardcover version of Inns here!

Please share this message with your friends, players, or GMs. Now is the time to support your favorite indie creators!

Chris van der Linden

Founder, Creative Director

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  1. Hiya I bought every download by Loresmyth on Arkanforge this last month. I enjoy yours and Maphammer content a lot.

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