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Remarkable Shops Kickstarter Launches June 4th

Remarkable Shops Kickstarter launches June 4th

Hello everyone,

I am excited to let you know that the much anticipated Remarkable Shops & Their Wares kickstarter is scheduled to launch this Tuesday, June 4th. Following the success of our Remarkable Inns & Their Drinks book, Remarkable Shops has all the familiar ingredients that made “Inns” such a big hit, while being bolder and bigger, exploring new exciting avenues. Help bring this project to life. Become a backer and share it with your friends on social media! We are determined to make this the best book we have ever done! 


Remarkable Shops & Their Wares is the ultimate guide to fantasy shops and how to roleplay them. From the classic general goods store to wildly exotic locations such as magic item artificers, black markets, underwater libraries, and traveling merchants. This (largely) system-neutral book is compatible with any fantasy roleplaying game and is bound to inspire you and your players.

  • Estimated around 100 pages
  • Full color and “pencil” illustrations
  • Largely system neutral contents to fit any fantasy ttrpg
  • Some special effects and item stats in “5e-ish” rules
  • Easy to adapt and fit into any campaign


With the Kickstarter campaign, I attempt to raise funds to further produce this book, which has been in development for about 4 months now. Funds will go towards paying the writers, artists and other talent involved to create a high-quality roleplaying book. Your support is greatly appreciated. Being a 7-time creator on Kickstarter I look forward to launching a new campaign, but it never gets easier! I am always nervous to see how it goes 🙂



Chris van der Linden

Founder, Creative Director

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