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Remarkable Inns & Their Drinks – OUT NOW

The ultimate guide to taverns “Remarkable Inns & Their Drinks” is OUT NOW. This 88-page inspirational source-book for GMs is a must have in every roleplaying collection, works for any RPG setting and is available as PDF, Softcover and Hardcover.

If you have missed the buzz on our latest book, just watch this Youtube review by Mr. Tarrasque and see what all the hype is about. This book may seem to be only handy in a few occasions, but you’ll discover its far less “situational” than one might think at first glance. This review touches on many points why people love it and keep coming back to this book for inspiration. This book has been the biggest project to date and took exactly 1 year to develop from start to finish. We had an amazing Kickstarter that funded over 20.000 for which we are very thankful!

With this great new book, you turn ordinary tavern visit into remarkable, exciting roleplaying experiences. Need some inspiration for bar brawls? Peculiar games of chance? Innkeeper mannerisms? This book has it all, and more.


Chronicled by famous adventurer Quilla Bladesong, you will discover famous places such as The North Call Inn, Fizzlenozzle’s Hall of Wonders and The King’s Coin. Each includes relevant NPC’s and a number of secrets and rumors that provide story hooks for many new adventures. Each tavern is written so that it can easily be dropped into your existing campaign world and become a place your players love returning to, time and again!


  • 88 pages of rich, inspirational content
  • Compatible with any tabletop RPG system*
  • 8 ready-made famous taverns & their history
  • NPC’s, story hooks, rumors, foods & drinks
  • Optional new gameplay rules
  • Entire section about creating your own taverns
  • Over 1.000 options through random generation tables

* Some special effects are 5e-ish.

Remarkable Inns book by LoreSmythIf you love creating your own wonderful places, Remarkable Inns & Their Drinks provides you a wealth of inspiration and options; there are complete sections full to the brim with generation tables, lists, and ideas to create and populate your taverns. They range from the types of drinks to be served, the variable exotic dishes, memorable features and even a list of 100 More Story Hooks for your Taverns
A range of exciting optional gameplay rules allows the GM to add a new spin on otherwise ordinary tavern visits. For example, the Security level introduces a new level of detail, posing interesting roleplaying opportunities for both the good and clandestine. Or how about changing how specialist combat skills are unlocked through sought-after veterans, instead of simply acquiring the needed XP? Let our book inspire you!


Chris van der Linden

Founder, Creative Director

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