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Remarkable Guilds In Pre-Production

Remarkable Guilds In Pre-Production

The 4th book in our best-selling Remarkable series is officially in development. Remarkable Guilds & Their Heroes will Kickstarter early next year, and the past months our creative team has been doing the design conferences, content planning and early writing. The pre-production phase is a 5-month period leading up to our Kickstarter campaign launch (click to get notified) during which we try to get as much of the book finished as we can.

In just a few short years, Loresmyth has grown from a hobby into one of the leading third-party roleplaying supplement publishers. Our Remarkable books are the most popular books we’ve made so far, and have really put us on the map. There’s a sweet bundle deal available if you haven’t got these books yet.

Loresmyth now develops two new titles every year. Each product takes 10 months in total, of which the respective 5-month Pre and Post-production cycles “alternate” like a relay race. When one book nears completion and its digital files delivered to the book printer, the next product development kicks off. With over 15 staff and freelance talent working on a typical roleplaying book, we are super proud of the creative organisation we’ve built.

Get Notified When The ‘Guilds’ Kickstarter Launches

The Remarkable Guilds & Their Heroes kickstarter campaign is scheduled to launch March 2022. While this is still a few months away, you can already follow this link and click the green button to get notified of the launch. Don’t miss our launch day!

Join the Loresmyth Discord

Are you excited about our new upcoming dnd book? Join the Loresmyth Discord community, and come chat. We post weekly roleplaying challenges and have all sorts of fun stuff going on. See you there!


Chris van der Linden

Founder, Creative Director

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