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Join The Kickstarter Prelaunch For ‘Remarkable Cults’!

Join the Kickstarter Prelaunch for ‘Remarkable Cults’!

You’ve haggled and browsed in some Remarkable Shops. You’ve started fights and drank too much ale in some Remarkable Inns. Now, we’re taking a darker turn with Remarkable Cults! Read on for your first look at our newest book!

In addition, we have an update for all the excellent customers who have backordered Hardcover copies of our Remarkable books–the wait is almost over!

Embrace the Shadows

Whether it’s the dark underbelly of cities, the shady backrooms of shops, or dark, forgotten ruins, Remarkable Cults & their Followers are everywhere.

This third book in the series brings not only 8 pre-constructed factions with their own leaders, followers, secrets, and services, but also ways to create your own custom dark factions for any setting (and despite the name, the book doesn’t just deal with cults!). Whether you’re gathering a party in Golarion, exploring in Eberron or honing your homebrew, Remarkable Cults is designed to take your villains to the next level.

‘Evil’ may only be a point of view, however–the book has plenty of rules for PCs who want to work with (or join!) the ‘dark’ side. And did I mention that the book gives PCs the tools to create their own dark organization? Who hasn’t played Dungeons & Dragons and thought; “I want to be the dark lord!“?

Before the Kickstarter launches on March 4th 2021, we’re inviting you to follow it the prelaunch page to get notified the moment it goes live! We have excellent early bird specials and add-ons you won’t want to miss!

A Remarkable Update

We have two Remarkable books under our belts so far and everyone seems to love them! We were hit by a tidal wave of orders for our Remarkable Hardcover Bundle throughout 2020, but between COVID-19 delaying shipments and a backlog of printing to get them back in stock, there are many of you still waiting on delivery of your books (as well as many more that have received them after long delays).

Firstly, and most importantly, we thank all of you for your patience through 2020! You are our fuel, and you keep the lights on and our development cycle moving forward. We’re already preparing for the future with better printing, shipping, and tracking processes all around.

To everyone still waiting on your Hardcover bundles or Remarkable orders, please bear with us just a little longer. All the physical stock has been dispatched around the world and (we hope) will be handled and shipped by our partners before the end of the month. If you have concerns about an open order or questions about any of our products, orders or shipping processes then please reach out to:

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– Robin Galton


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  1. When is Remarkable Cults & their followers and Wondrous Expeditions coming out for sale?

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