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Modular Dungeon Tiles – Wilderland Forest


5.0 (1 review)

What adventures await in the uncharted reaches of wilderness? Create your own stunning d&d dungeon maps, with this modular tile set. This pack contains everything you need to create lush forest/wilderness terrain, complete with rocks, pathways, ponds, and immersive details such as mushrooms, plants and pebbles.

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Wilderland Forest are HD detailed modular map tiles for use in VTT or image software. Create your own amazing terrain maps with ease!

1 review for Modular Dungeon Tiles – Wilderland Forest

  1. Jim Snider (verified owner)

    Wow, what a lot of tiles, over a hundred! Picked this up with a promo code that made it an even better deal, and I can’t wait to use these woodland tiles in Roll20. A lot of the action in my campaign takes place along worn roadways in the forested wilderness of post-apocalyptic North America, and these tiles are going to be perfect for laying out an immersive encounter map, even if I have to do it on-the-fly after drawing on an encounter table! Now I’m eyeballing the cave tiles series, since that might just be what I need for all those encounters underground (which I love because the heroes have to leave their beloved and heavily-armed and armored vehicle outside!).

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