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The North Call Inn – Free (PDF) Tavern – Print and Play/VTT


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A short walk from the docks in the small fishing village of Sestone stands the North Call Inn. Though its thatched roof has seen better days, the weathered stone building provides a welcome respite from the cold wind and sea spray. A large brass weathervane sits atop the roof. On the rare sunny day, light touches the metal creating a beacon for wayfaring voyagers. Above the entrance, an old wooden sign sways in the wind, squeaking its welcome on rusted chains. Owner Ared Norgin welcomes any traveler, and the customary pint of Hagshot is free if you can drink the first gulp without coughing.

This free D&D tavern sample is taken from our best-selling Remarkable Inns & Their Drinks book and can be dropped right into any fantasy campaign world. It includes several NPCs, story hooks and a full menu of drinks and dishes.

1 review for The North Call Inn – Free (PDF) Tavern – Print and Play/VTT

  1. Kevin

    Great format, inventive tavern ideas.

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