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Remarkable Inns & Their Drinks


4.82 (22 reviews)

Remarkable Inns & Their Drinks is the best-selling, definitive guide to roleplaying taverns and inns. This richly detailed 88-page tome offers a wealth of new gameplay options, d&d inn maps, 8 ready-made taverns, NPC’s, rumors, secrets and over 1.000 random list options.

Every story has a beginning, and more often than not they start in a tavern! Now you can turn boring tavern visits into memorable, exciting roleplaying events. Populate your world with taverns and NPC’s your players are wanting to return to… for another drink!

  • 88- Pages, For Any RPG system
  • Writers: Greg Rycerz, Katie Rose, Richie Lewin, Chris van der Linden
  • hardcover, softcover, pdf




The Ultimate Book How To Roleplay a Tavern

Remarkable Inns & Their Drinks is the definitive guide to roleplay tavern or inn in d&d. How to create your own and bring them to life. This richly detailed 84-page tome offers a wealth of new gameplay options, 8 ready-made taverns, NPC’s, rumors, secrets and over 1.000 random list options. What are you waiting for? Step inside!

Roleplay Tavern for Any Fantasy TTRPG

Turn ordinary tavern visit into remarkable, exciting roleplaying experiences. Need some inspiration for bar brawls? Peculiar games of chance? Innkeeper mannerisms? This book has it all, and more.

Chronicled by famous adventurer Quilla Bladesong, you will discover famous places such as The North Call Inn, Fizzlenozzle’s Hall of Wonders and The King’s Coin. Each includes relevant NPC’s and a number of secrets and rumors that provide story hooks for many new adventures. Each tavern is written so that it can easily be dropped into your existing campaign world and become a place your players love returning to, time and again!

  • 84 pages of rich, inspirational content
  • Compatible with any tabletop RPG system*
  • 8 ready-made famous taverns & their history
  • NPC’s, story hooks, rumors, foods & drinks
  • Optional new gameplay rules
  • Entire section about creating your own taverns
  • Over 1.000 options through random generation tables

* Some special effects are 5e-ish.

How to Create Your Own d&d Tavern

If you love creating your own wonderful fantasy tavern for dnd , Remarkable Inns & Their Drinks provides you a wealth of inspiration and options; there are complete sections full to the brim with generation tables, lists, and ideas to create and populate your taverns. They range from the types of drinks to be served, the variable exotic dishes, memorable features and even a list of 100 More Story Hooks for your Taverns

A range of exciting optional gameplay rules allows the GM to add a new spin on otherwise ordinary tavern visits. For example, the Security level introduces a new level of detail, posing interesting roleplaying opportunities for both the good and clandestine. Or how about changing how specialist combat skills are unlocked through sought-after veterans, instead of simply acquiring the needed XP? Let our book inspire you

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22 reviews for Remarkable Inns & Their Drinks

  1. Reed Logan Westgate (verified owner)

    A fun and handy reference guide and primer on Taverns. Many roll-able tables and events will keep your time at the tavern enjoyable and fresh. Overall a really decent product. I am happy with my purchase. Nice work folks.

  2. Nathan Olsen (verified owner)

    I got it in the mail yesterday and started reading through it and love it all so far.

  3. Marc Garlasco

    Superb presentation in a needed work for anyone building adventures. Well written and beautifully presented. The ability to drop in inns on the fly is super helpful when you need one fast. The charts and tables go a long way in crafting truly customizable locales. Highly recommended!

  4. Tim Atwood

    A nice book with some interesting tidbits. 8 predesigned inns that are well fleshed out. ( I use these as samples.) The back half of the book is useful for the creative DM. Lots of interesting blurbs and charts for making your own inn. If you are going to have a city as a base of operations, this book will be useful to create an inn that your players will want to revisit. I only gave 4 stars because the price is a bit higher than I would have expected and the artwork is mostly just ok. I do have to say that the shipping by media mail had me concerned but it arrive within 2 or 3 days.

  5. Mark Bailer

    Got this book in a bundle with Remarkabe Shops. What can I say about Loresmyth’s “Inns” that I haven’t already said in my “Shops” review…..
    I purchased the Hardcover, as I am a sucker for 3rd party physical products, and Remarkable Taverns & their Drinks did not disappoint. Binding and Cover quality are on point! Fantastic full colour art, as we as great accompanying sketch work! Page materials have a coating which makes them easier to turn, as more durable than some other 3rd party publisher’s.
    As for the content, it is so much more than “a few pregenerated Inns, their drinks, and the tools to help create your own”. There are things like price lists to foods/drink/entertainment that takes all the accounting work out of homebrewing your own, or even when your players want to spend more time (and coin) at the establishments in official adventures.
    I could go on and on as to what a terrific product this is, but I would be repeating myself from my Remarkable Shops review. (I suggest you check it out!)

    If I had a nickel for every time I was inspired by the contents of these books, I would purchase the entire Loresmyth physical library to add to my DM’ing laboratory!

  6. Rhylthar

    Some people say: “I don´t need this kind of book. I will make this things up on-the-fly”.
    Sure, it´s possible. But I am glad that these kind of books exist and especially this one. Nicely written, always with a something interesting.
    I recommended it to a lot of people in our RPG Community and wrote a little review about it. So buy it. :0)

  7. Dean Magill

    This is a great resource for GM’s with a range of inns that can easily be inserted into your games. Lots rich details for each inn with adventure hooks and local residents. Suitable for most fantasy roleplaying systems and with a little work could some could work in other settings. Well worth picking up.

  8. Robert Morris

    Probably one of the best supplements I’ve bought in a long time for fleshing out your campaign. This book can be used with many different game systems and will never be outdated! A++

  9. Jay

    This really fleshed out my homebrew world. Each inn in each city has been created from here. Fantastic job!

  10. carnimir

    I posted on the Remarkable Shops already. Both these books have helped me with my towns immensely. I have never been good about getting inns and shops in my towns that are of any interest. Going to town has always been about getting provisions and moving on. With the help of these books, I’ve been able to create places in my towns that are actually fun to visit. I’m even planning on putting an Inn in the middle of nowhere for my players to stumble upon.

  11. Andrew James

    Takes the hard work out of coming up with taverns and inns, but keeps the fun.
    I use it to roll up a few new places before a session that’s going to take place in a village, town or city to give the players a few options.
    If they don’t do it for the PCs or they do something unexpected I can quickly roll up a new place.

  12. Justin Handlin

    I absolutely love this product. The quality is superb. Taverns are easily the most frequented place aside from dungeons in our games. This Remarkable Inns makes my players stay at these taverns fun, engaging, and remarkable. Highly recommend.

  13. Robert Hutchinson

    A lovely way to add some extra character to your campaigns that can lead you to some genuine laughs and adventure.

  14. William Crawford (verified owner)

    Generally, when characters stop at an Inn, the encounters are pretty generic and plain. This book has helped me turn them into fun interactions with interesting NPCs. I also love the idea of having items on the menu that give PCs buffs. Also, the art in this book it top notch.

  15. Miriadis (verified owner)

    Very inspiring content that you can easily port to your setting as a whole or just the bits you like — there are innkeepers, patrons, buildings, goods, games and more. In the end, you also have valuable aid in creating your own inns in a similar fashion. Overall page layout and illustrations are very good!

  16. Nick Elsey

    I have only custom made one Inn from this book a year ago and my players are still talking about it. Its adds a ton of new ideal and ways to build an Inn. You will be missing out on lots of ways to get you players more involved in the game. Inn/Taverns are not just where you go to eat, sleep, drink, or start an adventure anymore.

  17. Heath Page (verified owner)

    I recently purchased “Remarkable Shops” and “Remarkable Inns” from Lore Smyth. I’ve been a DM for several decades and these are the first books I’ve seen that really flesh out shops and inns for a fantasy campaign. Sometimes I would dread when my players wanted to spend hours shopping and seeking the perfect items for which to spend their loot, but no longer! Now I anticipate their curiosity as these tomes have breathed new life into our adventures with unique NPC’s, specialty objects, and food and drink concoctions to satisfy even the most immersed of role players!

  18. Geoffrey Schumann (verified owner)

    I have been playing D&D for over 35+ years now. I have dug into many books, tomes, and resource material to enhance my gameplay; however the products at LoreSmyth are outstanding! Remarkable Inns & Their Drinks to tell you the truth, this is an absolute one of the finest collections of information I’ve come across, ever! Any game master, dungeon master, regardless if you’re playing the current 5e adventures, any homebrew games, previous 1-4 game systems from TSR/Wizards, or even Pathfinder, this is a compendium that you need at your side. I went for the digital .pdf as I’m in technology, and I like having a digital copy at my fingertips. There are book formats available; however, it’s the 21st century, come on, we all have bookshelves full of books… lol do you need one more physical book? Now, if LoreSmyth ever comes out with a fancy Leather Bound edition, I might have to get that lol…

    But seriously, if you have not already rolled your eyes in the back of your head from this review, let me go on (there’s still plenty of time)! What I enjoy about Remarkable Inns & Their Drinks is the level of detail that even the most profound Mr. Know-It-All DM (regardless if they’re on TV or at your local hobby shop) would be happy to quote from! Nothing was left undone, no item left out. I would have loved to see the pitching table when this was being drafted!

    Remarkable Inns & Their Drinks is something that you’ll pass down to your kids (if you have them), or I hope willing it to your friends who do. This is a truly fantastic collection in ink & print form. The only thing BETTER would be an on-line version of this, set up with a random generator type thing.. this is what I would do if I were given the rights and permissions for a personal game… and frankly, that’s the only thing missing… the proverbial “cherry on top.” But I digress from this review into dream-land lol…

    SERIOUSLY, BUY THE DARN THING… YOU WILL BE GLAD YOU DID, YOUR PLAYERS WILL BE COMPLETELY IMPRESSED, YOUR FELLOW GAMERS ON-LINE-LINE WATCHING WILL BE LIKE “WOAH! THAT’S AMAZING!” So go on! Be your hero, STOP WASTING TIME and buy Remarkable Inns & Their Drinks already, will you? Otherwise, I’ll have to write ANOTHER review until you do!

  19. Josiah Pisciotta (verified owner)

    Some excellent ready to use inns and lots of inspiration for your imagination. I recommend this!

  20. Alexander Shields

    Recently bought the combo of books Shops and Inns. Quality binding and pages, great artwork, and better yet, high quality content. Cannot wait to drop one of these into my next campaign as a ready made place for the players to visit. Having these as references in your library let’s you focus on the adventures, dungeons, and monster encounters.
    If you haven’t bought them already or are on the fence about buying, go ahead and buy them. Worth every penny!

  21. Ez2bFish (verified owner)

    3 Section Book –
    1st Section is 8 pre-made Remarkable Inns
    2nd Section is Bringing Your Inns to Life
    3rd Section is Creating Your Own Inn
    Whether it is grilled owlbear steak at the Whitewoods Inn or Solsta’s fish stew at The North Call Inn, there is always food & drink a plenty at these Remarkable Inns.

  22. Brian Smith (verified owner)

    Remarkable Inns will change your Inn and Tavern game forever. They’re fun and fantastic. You’ll want to sit down and just create Inns. Well worth it.

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