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Remarkable Shops & Their Wares


4.9 (21 reviews)

Turn ordinary shop visits into memorable roleplaying experiences. Remarkable Shops & Their Wares is the ultimate inspirational sourcebook to create and roleplay fantastical shops. From numerous shop types and wares to unique shopkeepers, currencies, items, exotic mounts, and crafting custom wares. You can even let your players build and operate a store. With dozens of random generation tables, roleplaying game masters can now construct the most detailed shops ever to grace a fantasy world…

  • 112 pages, illustrated, full-color maps
  • hardcover, softcover, pdf


Remarkable Shops & Their Wares is the ultimate inspirational sourcebook to create and roleplay fantastical shops. A richly illustrated book, featuring eight ready-made and remarkable shops to use in any campaign world. Complete with staff NPCs, items, and exciting quest hooks. This is the sequel to our best-selling Remarkable Inns 

Remarkable Shops – The Best Guide on Roleplaying Fantasy Shops

Turn ordinary shop visits into memorable roleplaying experiences. From numerous shop types and their wares to unique shopkeepers. Currencies, trade routes, exotic mounts, and crafting custom items. You can even let your players build and operate a store. With dozens of random generation tables, roleplaying game masters can now construct the most detailed shops ever to grace a fantasy world…

For Any Fantasy Roleplaying Game

This book is largely system-neutral and easily adaptable to any tabletop roleplaying game. Some items include minor mechanics/suggested rules, which are super easy to convert to your rule system of choice. Within the 112 richly illustrated pages you will find endless inspiration to bring fantasy shops to life in your D&D, Pathfinder or other campaign world. Many hundreds of random table entries help add immersive details, color, atmosphere, features, story and gameplay to your shop visits.  The eight pre-written shops come complete with staff and other npcs, items and story hooks, ready to become mainstays in your fantasy world. Your players will enjoy discovering the weird and wonderful items that are on sale, and the memorable mannerisms of the shopkeepers.

  • 8 pre-written shops with staff, items and quest hooks
    • Emporio Verdantis
    • Undersea Archives
    • Thunderspire Forge
    • House of Harmony
    • The Shear Dread
    • Grimble & Sons Tinkerlings
    • The Old Mill
    • Bazaar of Markoon
  • Dozens of (magical) items to spark your imagination
  • Inspirational optional gameplay concepts
  • A wealth of random generation tables
  • Create your own fantasy shop, staff, and motivations
  • Crafting custom items chapter
  • Let your players build and run a shop
  • 8 Full color shop maps included

Authors: JVC Parry, Alex Clippinger, E. Vesala, Richie Lewin
Available in hardcover, softcover and PDF. PDF sold separately. PDF is interactive with indexed table of contents.

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21 reviews for Remarkable Shops & Their Wares

  1. reindert.van.dam

    Awesome book, I use it a lot to create my own inns and patrons.

  2. Chris van der Linden

    Hello Kaitlin, please login to your account on the Loresmyth website and navigate to Orders > Downloads. It should be there along with any other digital purchases.
    Please let us know if you need more support!

    Chris VDL.

  3. Marc Garlasco

    Excellent presentation, quality, writing, and design. Just love these and they are SO useful. I really enjoy the pre-made locations that I can just drop in and use with a little customization. But when I have time the section on building your own just shines – really helps if you want to go big like a Diagon Alley, or just make a cool little shop in a small town. Kudos and keep these coming!

  4. Tim Atwood

    Like Remarkable inns, Remarkable Shops is a good book to help create a meme or able town experience for your PCs. I really like the mechanisms for players to build and run their own shop while still being active adventurers. 8 very specific shops to spark your imagination and a lot of good ideas to help create PC/NPC shops to enrich the game. 4 stars because the price is a bit high and the artwork is just ok, with a few nicer Pieces.

  5. Mark Bailer

    Got it in the Hardcover bundle. Great book all around. It is filled with so much more than advertised! An endless font of inspiration. Sure you get some amazing shops, theirs wares, and some tools to create your own…..but that’s just scratching the surface.
    Need ideas for NPCs, names or Backstories? There are plenty sprinkled amongst the shop owners, their staff, as well as their frequent customers.
    What about ideas for minor bounty board quests, or hooks to launch an epic adventure? They are in there as well for just about any setting you can thing of.
    5/5, and a must have for any DM or daydreaming worldbuilder!

  6. Eric Cerevic

    Very good read, and gave me ideas to use in my own campaign. Only bummed that my idea for a bard shop was not used.

  7. Phil

    This book (and the series in general!) is the perfect blend of per-generated content that can be dropped into any setting or customized to fit into a particular world or adventure. Works as a source of inspiration or a time-saver when you need an interesting location but don’t are short on time.

  8. Michael Holland

    Honestly, I struggle to make shops interesting most of the time. This book does a great deal of the heavy lifting for me now while also inspiring my own ideas to make shops more interesting.

  9. carnimir

    One of the biggest problems that I have with running, is having good shops and inns for my towns. Whenever my players want to go to town, I cringe because I have trouble making it something more than the humdrum (what do you want, how much do you want to spend). Both these books have given me some great ideas. Now my players enjoy going to town as much as I enjoy having towns with some spirit to them!

  10. docmortem

    Awesome supplement for any DM. Really simple to pick and place into any adventure or campaign. This is one of my essential books to bring to the table. Definitely recommend to anyone who needs that extra little help to creating a memorable shop.

  11. Topher

    This is a must have book if your players like to explore and engage with interesting items in very fun shops.

  12. William Crawford

    I backed this on Kickstarter and glad I did! I have never been the best at coming up with things to fill a shop, much less interesting backstories for the proprietors of the shops. Great product! I highly recommend it.

  13. Miriadis

    Just like Remarkable Inns, this book delivers many good chunks of valuable content that can be ported over to your setting or serve as inspiration to create your own shops. Very easy to follow and beautifully laid out in great typography and illustration. I absolutely hate the guy illustrated on the cover, though — I would never buy the book if I didn’t already know the actual content is great.

  14. Nick Elsey

    This book gives you lots of unique & creative ideals for how to give your shops “character” for your players to buy and sell stuff in. It also has some premade shops which are very creative and give character to the shops. also gives rules on how your players can make a business and run it, which my players enjoy.

  15. Heath Page (verified owner)

    I recently purchased “Remarkable Shops” and “Remarkable Inns” from Lore Smyth. I’ve been a DM for several decades and these are the first books I’ve seen that really flesh out shops and inns for a fantasy campaign. Sometimes I would dread when my players wanted to spend hours shopping and seeking the perfect items for which to spend their loot, but no longer! Now I anticipate their curiosity as these tomes have breathed new life into our adventures with unique NPC’s, specialty objects, and food and drink concoctions to satisfy even the most immersed of role players!

  16. Thomas Barbato II (verified owner)

    Ordered the this product and absolutely love how much content there is to create unique inns for my players to experience. Best part is no two inns have to be the same!

  17. Tlawson

    I backed this book on Kickstarter, the amount of life it has breathed into my shops is amazing, before all shops were the same and now I am able to give some life to what was normally a boring section a campaign!

    Thank you for creating these aids, I look forward to using more of your products!

  18. Jeremiah

    Got in as a late back on kickstarter and I am so glad I did. The book is really cool. The sketch art inside is super awesome. I love the time it saves me when making shops for players.

  19. Geoffrey Schumann (verified owner)

    Hello all, theStorycaster here again. I told you I would write another review… What review did you say? Then clearly, you’ve not been deep into the fantastic, spectacular, excellent products created by LoreSmyth have you… If you don’t own Remarkable Inns & Their Drinks, then that’s the next link you’ll click on. In the meantime, back to my review of Remarkable Shops & Their Wares!

    I’m here today to talk to you all about Remarkable Shops & Their Wares. I’ve been playing the game we all love, Dungeons & Dragons now for over 35+ years. I’ve gone through all the books, read all the magazines, incorporated my stuff, just like everyone else… with one exception… Truly taking the time that the writers of LoreSmyth have done in the creation of Remarkable Shops & Their Wares. True, we all have a “shop” within the game, someplace, in a town, tavern, wandering salesperson, etc… however, never has anyone done ANYTHING like this before (not that I have any memory of, and if they did, it’s not this!).

    Remarkable Shops & Their Wares is your end to end gamemaster/dungeon master’s dream book. It goes to all the places we have seen in books (and their adopted film counterparts). If I didn’t know better, I’d say these writers not only wrote about it but lived in these lands and places. The detail is just astonishing! Some of the areas that they have written about, I feel I’ve rendered in my hobby 3D graphic stuff, but you know how a book is, your mind is the ultimate imagination engine, and nothing can compare, well, expect for Remarkable Shops & Their Wares.

    If you have not bought Remarkable Shops & Their Wares, WHY ARE YOU WAITING? Seriously, buy it. If you want the .pdf version, be a 21st-century person, keep it on your favorite tablet or computer for easy to search for references. Are you an old school book worm? Buy the hardcopy. I’ll jump at the opportunity for that fine leather-bound edition, you see in those late-night TV ad spots (of yesteryear)… imagine the smell, the gold leaf..mmm.. wait, sorry I drifted while writing. You know, the only thing that would top Remarkable Shops & Their Wares is a random digital generator, so you can quickly mix and match. Heck, if I had the permissions and rights, I’d do just that! But alas, I don’t.. but a guy can dream, right? Or even .. a random generator to ALL of their products.. hmmm..mmmm. Sorry, still here? Have you bought Remarkable Shops & Their Wares yet? No? I’ll continue then.

    To all the DMs and GMs out there, Remarkable Shops & Their Wares has so much content; one could, in theory, make a homebrew game, just exploring this book! Talk about your magical adventures as you roam around Remarkable Shops & Their Wares… Finding lost treasures, maybe that rare item you swore you should have bought five campaigns ago, but never did… maybe your missing sock the dryer gobbled up… Who knows what you’ll find in Remarkable Shops & Their Wares. One great way is to buy it, and you’ll thank me later (trust me, you will…. you will…)

    Impress your gamers, your friends, your friends’ friends. Will the book when it’s time to pass it on to the next generation. Seriously, Remarkable Shops & Their Wares will be in your collection forever! Either physical, digital (or both), and you’ll find yourself referencing it more then you reference your take-out menus in the kitchen drawer you forgot to throw out in the 90s.

    Please do us all a favor, buy it.. and you’re welcome!

  20. Craig Oliver

    This was my first book from Loresmith (though I also got the Remarkable Inns and Their Drinks). The layout and artwork are very well done. and the sample Inns are well done and easy to drop into your adventure as needed. The physical feel of the hardback is really nice. What works for me best though are the helpful charts and lists to help bring “your shops to life” in the second half of the book. They present a variety of aspects to help give a feel for your shop, along with specific effects and wares that you may use to help bring more life to your shop. I find a lot of this useful so I don’t fall into the same old shop in every village, hamlet and hole in the wall being the same.

  21. McCragge (verified owner)

    Super fast shipping, high quality hardback book. Worth EVERY penny. Best source book for RPGs, I use it all the time.

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