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Remarkable Bundle – Hardcover

$59.99 $50.00

5.0 (9 reviews)

Available on backorder


Get the new Remarkable Shops & Their Wares and Remarkable Inns & Their Drinks books in top-quality hardcover binding, at 20% off. Includes a free linen-pressed bookmark, while stock lasts.



Additional information

Weight46 oz
Dimensions25 × 1 × 30 cm

9 reviews for Remarkable Bundle – Hardcover

  1. João Pedro Ribeiro Azevedo (verified owner)

    Amazing product, full of flavor and creativity and opens up a lot of possibilities for roleplaying!

  2. Benjamin O’Brien

    Love. These. BOOKS. Such great tools to help take the mundane “off” shopping and meeting for a drink sessions into colorful exciting session. These simple visit can now have such great depth to them. I also value the how to create your own! Lots of fun in so many ways.

  3. Clint.benesh (verified owner)

    Heard about this place because of the Crit Academy podcast and had to check it out. These two books are amazing and after I downloaded the free North Call Inn sample I knew I had to purchase it. I know I will be implementing these into my home-brew world! Keep up the great work!

  4. Joseph Ceballos (verified owner)

    Great books! I really love the depth that they go into the pre-made shops and the things they cover when helping you design your own shops. Would recommend to anyone who is interested. They must have run out of bookmarks though, cause I didn’t get one with my order. Feelsbadman, but I’m just happy I have the books.

  5. Dennis Nunn (verified owner)

    I recently got these books and I was blown away by the information that is in them! I highly recommend these books for any DnD session. These books will DEFINITELY impress you and it is worth the investment!! You will not be disappointed!

  6. Tyler McDermott (verified owner)

    Fantastic resource! It really brought my worlds to life, my players were really impressed by all the details. They dug in-depth in every shop and tavern and still didn’t even get all the tiny details! These really help with creating stats and details you wouldn’t think of otherwise. I recommend this to ANY DM/GM who wants to make their world feel alive.

  7. veloxiouslupus (verified owner)

    A splendid tool especially for newly initiated DMs in the idea sector. I can assure you even experienced ones will find it useful in further embellishing their existing inns and shops and breathing in more life to these often visited sites. A minor issue for me was that for DnD 5.e the prices needed a slight adjustment but that took me about 5-10 minutes to work through so this should not discourage you.

  8. Reuben

    Not only are the created shops and inns excellent in terms of design and balance but the toolkit to make your own of each is phenominal. The print quality is flawless, I accidentally double ordered this but it’s a fantastic addition to any DM’s collection. (Just beware, crazy campaign ideas may spur from the pages of these books?

  9. Nick Elsey

    Both of these books are of great use for building a better in game experience. My players have enjoyed the unique features a shop or inn, that they have gone to. These books make them a lot less boring then “We go to a shop to sell/buy stuff” or “We go to the inn for booze, rumors or to sleep.” Now there are 1 or 2 unique things that happen at each of the places.

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