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Modular Dungeon Tiles – Wilderland Bundle


5.0 (3 reviews)

Wilderland Bundle is a collection of modular 165 battle-map tiles to create lush forest and caves. Perfect for your dungeons and dragons, pathfinder, d&d games. Use in Roll20, Dungeon Painter, ArkenForge, Fractal Mapper or even Photoshop and Gimp.


The Wilderland Bundle is an expansive collection of modular dungeon tiles to create your own d&d maps for VTT or printing. This bundle gives you Wilderland Caves, to make great looking d&d cave map for any rpg. The Wilderland Forest set consists of highly-detailed modular dungeon tiles to make forest scenes, bandit hideouts, smuggler camps and other cool stuff for your d&d maps.


3 reviews for Modular Dungeon Tiles – Wilderland Bundle

  1. Justin Quill (verified owner)

    A 2 in 1 deal! Can’t be beat. Take your PC’s through the endless forest tiles, and lose them in a cave system afterwards!! Fantastic!!! 5 stars all day long for all the LoreSmyth Products!

  2. jasonstberkshire (verified owner)

    These tiles are amazing. I am in the midst of building a map for my Halloween/horror themed session and these are perfect for the forest I envisioned. Having the ability to overlay trees and pathways and crates, etc. onto the tiles truly gives you a set of tools that are limited solely by your own creativity.
    An amazing product!

  3. KarstenW (verified owner)

    Awesome maps

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