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Modular Dungeon Tiles – Nebulus CargoX


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Cargo-X is a sci-fi themed modular map tileset for Starfinder. Create rusty, grimy space freighters. The highly detailed pieces are incredibly detailed and will immerse your players.

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Create Stunning Starfinder Maps

Cargo-X is a modular sci-fi dungeon tiles set to easily create endless Starfinder maps. Highly detailed images Ready to drop into your VTT such as Roll20. This modular dungeon tileset lets you create modular battle maps: rusty, grimy space freighters. Perfect to stage a space-horror adventure and much other sci-fi (Starfinder anyone?) quests. The highly detailed pieces are incredibly detailed and will immerse your players. This set can be seamlessly combined with Nebulus Outpost, to create even more elaborate maps.

Modular sci-fi dungeon tiles set

  • 75 modular battle map pieces, HD quality
  • Corridors, Corners, Crossings, Rooms, Gaps, etc
  • Decorations such as crates, cables, doors and warp fields
  • Combine with Nebulus Outpost set for maximum potential

The low rumble of the churning phantom thrust engines reverberated from the rusty walls. A broken light flickered, bathing the corridor in short flashes of fluorescent light. Mountains of stacked crates towered overhead. “Look for crates with a crescent moon symbol and my confidante will meet you there.” The contractor had said. After weeks of scouting, Dakk had finally located the gargantuan freighter in an outlaw region. Its cargo hold filled with mysterious shipments, on course to even more mysterious destinations. But instead of crescent moons, the seasoned bounty hunter found only rust, betrayal and blood.



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