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Modular Dungeon Tiles – Lost Tombs of Nekhathon


5.0 (1 review)

Deep below the ever-shifting sands of the great desert, the lost tombs of Nekhathon slumber. Aeons ago, this pharaoh god ruled supreme, but when an evil spirit consumed the Sun God and turned him into an undead pawn, the kingdom of Nekhathon crumbled and disappeared below the sands. Now your adventurers can explore the maze of hallways, ritual chambers, and majestic halls. What untouched treasures lie in wait?

MapSmyth modular dungeon map tiles are incredibly detailed and seamlessly cross-compatible with our other sets. Nekhathon consists everything you need to create mystical desert tombs:

  • Over 100 modular building blocks and decorations
  • Hallways, chambers, stairs, corners, doors
  • Sarcophagi, tombs, urns, skeletons, broken pillars
  • Transitions pieces to connect to our other sets

1 review for Modular Dungeon Tiles – Lost Tombs of Nekhathon

  1. Justin Quill (verified owner)

    Let’s go to the desert and explore an old pyramid or ancient ruins buried under centuries of sand… What evil lurks?? It’s up to you.. there’s enough options with these tile sets you may never make it back, becoming just another victim of the burning sands….. 5 star all day!

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