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Modular Dungeon Tiles – Genesis


5.0 (1 review)

Create your own digital dungeon battle maps with 65 lavishly detailed tiles. Genesis Foundations is the perfect starter set, and compatible with many of our other packs to expand your collection!


MapSmyth Modular Dungeon Map Tiles are the next level in d&d battle maps. Make your own stunning digital maps in minutes. Now you are the dungeon designer!

Drag and drop into your favorite table top software of choice such as Roll20 and build something gorgeous in minutes. This pack includes several sample dungeon layouts for free, including “The Sungrove Temple”. Created as a showcase using the modular tiles of this kit, these maps can be dropped right into your next game session!

This core set includes:

  • 64 Detailed Modular Dungeon Map Tiles (digital)
  • Tiles include corridors, rooms, stairs, junctions etc
  • Includes free sample dungeons created with this kit
  • All tiles align to the grid (Roll20 default 140×140 pixel squares)
What are you waiting for? Start building!

1 review for Modular Dungeon Tiles – Genesis

  1. Justin Quill (verified owner)

    Great tile sets! SOOO many possibilities from these! Re-sizing them is easy too! Everything matches up seamlessly! I can’t recommend LoreSmyth enough!

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