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Desert Temple of Khemun – Free (PDF) Dungeon Map – Print and Play/VTT


4.0 (1 review)

Egyptian themed free d&d map

The Desert Temple of Khemun is a Egyptian themed free d&d map – This highly-detailed premade dungeon map. Easily printable d&d battlemap is great for your tabletop roleplaying game such as dnd, Pathfinder, dark sun and savage worlds. This free Egyptian d&d dungeon map also comes with a VTT version, so you can play directly in Roll20 or other virtual tabletop software.

Print & Play

This large 24×36 squares map is richly detailed and perfect for any fantasy roleplaying game.

  • Print ready PDF in Letter size
  • 16 sheets, grid and gridless
  • High resolution complete map for VTT
  • Optimised for Roll20 grid


1 review for Desert Temple of Khemun – Free (PDF) Dungeon Map – Print and Play/VTT

  1. TriMarkC (verified owner)

    This map is large – filled our gaming table! I printed two copies, & cut up 1 to make overlays to the traps & hidden spaces, & a few other mods I wanted for our game. One of my players is a planes-hopping Egyptian, who while in Golarian everyone assumes he’s from Osirian. Just waiting for opportunity to use this map with him!

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