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Dungeon Discoveries – SciFi Story Hooks


4.5 (2 reviews)

Coming up with original details on the spot is not easy. Dungeon Discoveries card decks will help you conjure up inspirational world-building details with the flip of a card. With this deck, you create imaginative futuristic things to find when your players are searching or veering off the beaten path.

  • 50 cards, thousands of combinations
  • for any tabletop roleplaying game


Draw & combine near-infinite world-building details with the flip of a card. Dungeon Discoveries card decks draw inspirational world-building details with the flip of a card. Match any entries from the top and bottom for near-infinite combinations. The results can be cryptic, mundane or even accidentally funny.

The SciFi Story Hooks set provides you with interesting NPC ideas and motivations on the spot for when your players are going into unplanned territory. With a little imagination, these GM prompts are the start of a new adventure!

  • Compatible with any Roleplaying Game
  • 50 cards in tuck box
  • US Poker Size linen pressed cards
  • Thousands of possible combinations
  • mix sets for endless inspiration

Additional information

Weight 4 oz

Card Deck, PDF

2 reviews for Dungeon Discoveries – SciFi Story Hooks

  1. Christopher Mahon

    Easy to use, and much more convenient than a random table! Nice card quality, too.

  2. KyroneRustmore

    High quality cards, with a very nice feel to them.

    Useful for preping when searching for insperation. Not used them personally for this but easy enough and give enough of an outline when the insist on doing a job for an NPC that you and really expected to throw away after the players talked to them for directions.

    Cannot recommend highly enough.

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