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Preview! Nekhathon modular dungeon map tiles

In exactly twenty days from now, our brand new modular dungeon map set Nekhathon will be released. If you love making your own virtual battle maps, this Egyptian themed set might be just for you! You can pre-order it now at a sweet discount, and let’s take a look at some of the highlights of this massive tileset!

The Lost Tombs of Nekhathon

Deep below the ever-shifting sands of the great desert, sleep the lost tombs of Nekhathon. Aeons ago, this pharaoh god ruled supreme, driving both invention and prosperity to soaring heights. When an evil spirit consumed the Sun God Nekhathon and turned him into an undead pawn, his kingdom crumbled and disappeared below the sands. Now your adventurers can explore the maze of hallways, ritual chambers, and majestic halls. What untouched treasures lie in wait? What nameless creatures haunt the sandblasted corridors and cobweb filled chambers? What stories do the embalmed dead tell? Find out… if you dare…

Rich HD details

The Nekhathon set (just like our other packs) stand out from the crowd by their lavish details. Virtual dungeon map tiles rarely look so good, and we continue to raise the bar when it comes to striking visuals. In the tombs of Nekhathon, you will find dusty hallways, cobweb-filled rooms, ancient sarcophagi and hieroglyph encrusted stones. The modular tiles and decoration tokens (100+ in total) are cross-compatible with our other packs and are perfect for Roll20, Fractal Mapper of Power VTT.

MapSmyth Nekhathon Modular Dungeon Map Tileset

Tiles & Decorations

To bring your ancient desert tombs to life, the Nekhathon set includes a ton of decoration tokens to dress up the rooms. While it’s perfectly fine to use any tokens from your (usually sizable) collection, the ones we make have been specifically designed for this set’s theme. In the Nekhathon map set you will find:

  • 100+ pieces in total, completely modular
  • Hallways, corners, staircases and various rooms
  • Doors and markers for secret passages
  • Urns, broken stone blocks, pillars
  • Sacrophagi, tombs, mummies, skeletal remains
  • Transition hallways to connect to our other map sets

Nekhathon-Modular Dungeon Map Tile Set Preview

There you go! Are you excited about this set? Shout out in the comments below to let us know what you think!
The Nekhathon modular dungeon map tile set will go live on October 10th. Pre-order now!

Chris van der Linden

Founder, Creative Director

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