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How Loresmyth Got Started

to offer items and services of higher quality, exclusive rarity, greater variety and supply. Such knowledgeable and discerning proprietors are capable of providing the most elegant atmosphere and inarguably the most coveted of wares. Proprietors of such shops are often respected and well-known authorities in the area, being involved in politics, trade and other important matters. By that same token, these businesses are frequented by patrons with discerning tastes, particular needs, and deep pockets. There’s no limit to what the prosperous desire, and seemingly not to what these stores can offer either.

With this high level of wealth comes the ability to keep the public’s interests with special presentations and events such as product demonstrations, festivals, or the patronage of other events as a means of showing of their grandeur. A magical emporium might showcase its most interesting items, while an alchemist’s shop can entertain onlookers with demonstrations of its dramatic potion effects. Couturiers in the City of Amaedan are known to be the sole providers of the royal house’s garments, and the annual Parade of the Sun secures months of work and income as nobles rush to mirror the current fashion.

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