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Brymlight book Covers revealed + Promo Trailer

  • 8 July 2018

Hello dear LoreSmythonians!

When I started this little roleplaying publishing company a few years ago, little did I know I would expand into publishing fiction. Now, I am excited to let you know the Kickstarter for Tales from The Brymlight Observer is just around the corner. Make sure to visit the Brymlight website and signup to get notified when it launches. Read on to see all upcoming book titles/cover artworks and the brand new promo trailer video!

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The Obsidian King development update

  • 5 June 2018
Hello dear LoreSmyth fans,

We have several adventure modules in development at the moment, so it’s quite an exciting time at the LoreSmyth HQ. Since it’s been a while, its high time for a status update on development. Continue reading for the whole story!

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Remarkable Inns reaches Platinum status

  • 1 June 2018
Our ultimate source book on everything Tavern-related – Remarkable Inns & Their Drinks has become Platinum Best Seller on the DriveThruRPG marketplace. After having several of our products reach Silver and even Gold status, Remarkable Inns is the first one to attain the coveted Platinum label. To celebrate we are now giving discounted prices on Softcover and Hardcover copies sold through DriveThruRPG, until June 15th.

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New Review: Whispers from the Void adventure

  • 9 May 2018
The always lovely Roleplaying Rambler has recently reviewed our brand new adventure module Whispers from the Void. This 5e book continues to thrilling story path presented in our best-seller The Claws of Madness. Whispers ups the ante, and introduces a new nefarious cult called the Prophets of the Void. Travis concludes “This adventure is again the high quality I have come to expect and appreciate from LoreSmyth. It has a lot to offer” and “I like the fact this adventure takes place at locations that are almost entirely outside, giving outdoorsy types a chance to shine that they don’t often get in your typical dungeon crawl.”

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The Claws of Madness now on Fantasy Grounds

  • 23 March 2018

We are excited to let you know our best selling 5th edition adventure, The Claws of Madness is now available on Fantasy Grounds. No doubt you have heard of (or already use) this great virtual tabletop software. Thanks to the dedicated work of good friend Salvador Tillit, you can now enjoy our hit adventure, completely optimized for Fantasy Grounds dynamic and interactive system.

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How we helped create a best seller on DMs Guild

  • 22 March 2018

It’s funny how life runs its course. Looking back, if it were not for the help of (now good friend) Benoit from Goblin Stone, Loresmyth would not exist today. When I was struggling to finish a little adventure called The Claws of Madness a few years ago, it was Ben who helped me pull through and publish it, and when Claws became a best seller, I realized exactly how valuable his help had been. And like history repeating itself, recently it was our turn to help an aspiring writer to get his first adventure published: within a week Shore of Dreams became a gold best-seller on the DM’s Guild…

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The Obsidian King and more new adventure Pre-Orders

  • 15 March 2018

After the massive success of our debut adventure The Claws of Madness (now a Gold best seller on DriveThru), many people have been asking for follow up adventures. We are a big fan of developing adventure modules, but with our other products also gaining recognition, adventures kinda took the fall for it. Until now that is! Read on for big news!

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