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How we helped create a best seller on DMs Guild

  • 22 March 2018

It’s funny how life runs its course. Looking back, if it were not for the help of (now good friend) Benoit from Goblin Stone, Loresmyth would not exist today. When I was struggling to finish a little adventure called The Claws of Madness a few years ago, it was Ben who helped me pull through and publish it, and when Claws became a best seller, I realized exactly how valuable his help had been. And like history repeating itself, recently it was our turn to help an aspiring writer to get his first adventure published: within a week Shore of Dreams became a gold best-seller on the DM’s Guild…

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The Obsidian King and more new adventure Pre-Orders

  • 15 March 2018

After the massive success of our debut adventure The Claws of Madness (now a Gold best seller on DriveThru), many people have been asking for follow up adventures. We are a big fan of developing adventure modules, but with our other products also gaining recognition, adventures kinda took the fall for it. Until now that is! Read on for big news!

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Introducing the ‘Savage Dawn’ Campaign Setting

  • 1 March 2018

Savage Dawn - Primal Fantasy Roleplaying Campaign Setting by Loresmyth PublishingHave you ever wondered what it would be like playing a campaign setting, where the results of your game night sessions shape the future of the world? That new place you visited suddenly gets dotted on the map for everyone to travel to and discover? With our exciting new campaign setting SAVAGE DAWN on Patreon, this is exactly what you get!

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Remarkable Inns & Their Drinks – OUT NOW

  • 25 February 2018

The ultimate guide to taverns “Remarkable Inns & Their Drinks” is OUT NOW. This 88-page inspirational source-book for GMs is a must have in every roleplaying collection, works for any RPG setting and is available as PDF, Softcover and Hardcover.

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New! One Page Dungeons

  • 20 February 2018

We are excited to tell you about a new product line at LoreSmyth: One-Page Dungeons.  Are you short on time prepping your next game? Looking for a fun, different dungeon to throw into your campaign? One-page dungeons are a great and easy way to have an exciting game session without much work. You can grab our first one now for just $0.50 – or if you want them monthly, consider joining our Patreon.

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Roll20’s Dean Bigbee on Roleplaying, Depression and the Future

  • 4 February 2018

We had the pleasure of sitting down with Dean Bigbee, Licensing & Marketplace Manager at Roll20, which is without doubt, one of the most popular virtual tabletops out there. Dean is a very talented and involved force in the RPG community, their fresh views and openhearted attitude make for a very interesting interview! This is one hell of a read, so strap in and grab a nice coffee, or Natural Twentea!

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