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New Shipping Partner: ShipQuest

New Shipping Partner: ShipQuest

Loresmyth is excited to announce a new partner for our international fulfillment needs. Starting from the new year, ShipQuest will handle all e-commerce and Kickstarter pledge fulfillment for Europe and the UK. And so, a four-year period of DIY shipping comes to a close, and we transition into a new chapter for Loresmyth.

The End of DIY Shipping

When I started Loresmyth back in 2016 and released my first adventure The Claws of Madness on DriveThruRPG, I had no idea that my little hobby would grow into a serious business. I started out like most, using print-on-demand so you didn’t have to have your own inventory and shipping setup. With our first bigger Kickstarters we shipped out all pledges and web orders manually from my home in the Netherlands. It was both fun, rewarding, and incredibly chaotic 🙂

For about two years, we have outsourced our order shipping for USA-based customers and backers to Nord Games. Since the majority of our customers are from the United States, this move made a lot of sense to do early on and it has worked out really well. Now with ShipQuest, we have 100% outsourced all order shipping, and so an era of DIY shipping comes to a close. Nord Games handles the USA, Canada, and Australia. ShipQuest handles Europe, UK, and “Other” countries.

Note: Web order shipping temporarily Paused for Non-USA customers

We are currently in the transition of getting all our product inventory ready at ShipQuest, which takes about 1-2 months. During this one-time switch-over shipping of web orders to the EU and UK is temporarily paused and delayed up to 1-2 months. USA, Canada, Australia orders are not affected. We may be able to finish sooner and start shipping again, but due to Covid, the holidays, and the new year, we like to give a cautious estimate. We are working as fast as we can to get all products in stock at the new shipping hub. If at any moment you have a question about the status of your order, please reach out to

Shipping Yourself is Magic

After a day of work at the office, coming home to have pick ‘n pack orders and drop them off at the local postal station was a very nice magical period. I will remember this period fondly, especially because my wife and kids helped me plenty of times, and it is a truly special feeling to put a product you’ve made yourself into a box and send it out to a customer. To me this period really signifies the formative years of Loresmyth, leading up to where we are now. It is incredible to look back on this journey as a growing roleplaying games creator. I’ve put together some images below to give an impression, and I will post a few more on our Discord channel.


Wishing everyone happy holidays and a fantastic new year. We welcome you to join the Loresmyth Discord server to become a member of our passionate fanbase!

Chris van der Linden / Founder


Chris van der Linden

Founder, Creative Director

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