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New Review: Whispers from the Void adventure

The always lovely Roleplaying Rambler has recently reviewed our brand new adventure module Whispers from the Void. This 5e book continues to thrilling story path presented in our best-seller The Claws of Madness. Whispers ups the ante, and introduces a new nefarious cult called the Prophets of the Void. Travis concludes “This adventure is again the high quality I have come to expect and appreciate from LoreSmyth. It has a lot to offer” and “I like the fact this adventure takes place at locations that are almost entirely outside, giving outdoorsy types a chance to shine that they don’t often get in your typical dungeon crawl.” 

It’s always challenging following up on a ridiculously well received product, that’s why Whispers of the Void took a while to make. Now that it’s out, its great to see such warm reviews popping up. We have put our heart and soul into this adventure, and hope you will have a lot of fun roleplaying this with your group. Be sure to read the whole review here, and Follow @RPGRambler on Twitter for more great content.

Chris van der Linden

Founder, Creative Director

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