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New! One Page Dungeons

We are excited to tell you about a new product line at LoreSmyth: One-Page Dungeons.  Are you short on time prepping your next game? Looking for a fun, different dungeon to throw into your campaign? One-page dungeons are a great and easy way to have an exciting game session without much work. You can grab our first one now for just $0.50 – or if you want them monthly, consider joining our Patreon.

The Eight Elements - One Page Dungeon #1 by LoreSmyth

“The Eight Elements” – One Page Dungeon

Since we got a lot of praise how fun and good-looking our modular dungeon tile sets are, we were tipped by a lovely member of our community about one-page dungeons. She mentioned how great it would be to have one-page dungeons with our badass dungeon map art. We kinda liked the idea and went to create one: “The Eight Elements”. Now we hope to hear from you what you think about it! Like it? Think it stinks? We want to know!



Until next time and don’t forget! Remarkable Inns comes out in just 5 days from now on February the 25th!


Chris van der Linden

Founder, Creative Director

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