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New Office – New Chapter For Loresmyth

New Office – New Chapter For Loresmyth

Hello, dear loresmyths!

It’s been a while since I wrote a blog post myself, but every now and then there’s a great occasion for it, such as right now. After having run our company from home for over two years, I recently moved into a new office space to signal the start of a new chapter in our Loresmyth adventure! A great moment to reflect a little and look ahead at what’s to come for Loresmyth.

Challenging times & Rebirth

It’s safe to say that the last couple of years have been pretty damn taxing on everyone because of the pandemic. Many creators, and in fact, all industries have suffered the effects of COVID, and it’s clear we are not even done yet. Shortages in paper and other materials continue to drive up book printing prices, and the cost of a cargo container has skyrocketed, with uncertainty if they ever come down to normal again. All publishers are looking into ways to still produce fantastic products, while also staying afloat, not defer all costs back to the customers and alienate them. It’s a very challenging period, and while company owners know each day brings new challenges, currently the situation is pretty outrageous. Last year was also impacted heavily by my mothers’ illness, which luckily is stable again at the moment. I believe that in times of crisis the most beautiful things originate, so with that in mind, I am confident we can come out stronger. Once more, I’d like to thank you all for your patience and understanding with some of our delays, you’ve been kind.

New Office Space

When I quit as co-founder and shareholder at my past company and started doing Loresmyth, I loved the prospect of working from home. Being able to spend more time with my kids and wife, having the freedom to work in your own pace, and (in our case rural countryside) home seems to many the ultimate dream. And, in many ways, it has been incredible. Back in 2019 I was recovering from burnout, and musing about the future of Loresmyth. We converted our former garage into a sweet office space, away from our main house. I had a fantastic time there, and it’s the place where Loresmyth really started to experience its first big successes and turned into what it is today. Fast forward to today, and I’m writing this blog post from the new office space a few miles bike ride from where we live. Initially, I was a bit reluctant to stop working from home and giving up a sense of freedom, but the more the plans shaped I felt it was the right thing to move, as it signals how Loresmyth is maturing as a company and has become something much bigger than just a guy working from his garage. In the span of just a few short years, we’ve grown to do two big Kickstarters each year, produce multiple best-selling products annually, and expanded our team to have dedicated support and product development leads. What’s more, is that soon our team expands yet again with a marketing specialist and a lovely powerhouse lady on social media and PR. Combined with our partnership with Nord Games in the USA, I can’t help but be amazed at just how much Loresmyth has grown since its start in 2018.

This needs our logo on the wall, no? 🙂

A New Chapter

While the pandemic continues to challenge us and make it hard for startup companies to survive and grow, I am confident about our chances. The roleplaying games market has never been more vibrant and we are excited to continue developing fantastic roleplaying books and related products. Last year, we invested heavily in professionalizing our development workflows in order to make top-quality books on a schedule, and run amazing Kickstarter campaigns. We brought JVC Parry on board as our permanent staff writer, further smoothing out our production cycles and creative style. With our expanded marketing, social, and PR staff, we are rolling full-steam ahead with newly forged plans to grow Loresmyth into its full potential. I’m looking forward to sharing that journey with you, no doubt chatting about it on our social pages and Loresmyth Discord channel.

Let’s talk again soon, hope to see you on our Discord chat!

Chris van der Linden

CEO / Founder Loresmyth

Chris van der Linden

Founder, Creative Director

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